These 5 Amazon Finds Under $25 Helped Me Finally Handle the Clutter Under My Kitchen Sink

published Sep 30, 2022
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Kitchen sink with a nature view
Credit: Getty Images/Justin Paget

When it comes to clutter around my home, I often practice the total avoidance method — ignoring it completely even when the mess is right there jumping out at me daily, reminding me that it’s growing even more out of control as time passes.

While my kitchen counters are typically clear, clean, and pristine, there used to be a monstrosity of a mess hiding below the sink that was long overdue for an overhaul. I knew decluttering underneath the kitchen sink wouldn’t take much time to do if I focused on it, but I kept getting stuck on which products to purchase to make sense of the clutter. There were cleaning products, stockpiles of pet food, trash bags and cleaning sponges, and a ton of random miscellaneous home accessories. Sometimes looking at neatly organized spaces online can be inspiring, but in my case, I felt like I didn’t have enough room to use even half of the products I saw others make work in their own spaces.

So, I stopped looking elsewhere for inspiration and got to work on creating my own plan. I measured the tight space, including the total depth and the shorter height area beneath the pipes, and made a note of what I wanted to store beneath the sink and what didn’t belong there at all. Next, I searched for small space organizing solutions that would complement each other well and provide a lot of function, on a budget.

Here are five Amazon finds — all under $25 — that helped me transform the mess under my kitchen sink into a functional workstation I can count on when I’m cleaning. If you’ve been meaning to reclaim the space beneath your sink too, one of these finds could make a world of difference for you.

For storing excess kitchen cleaning must haves

These sturdy, stackable bins are perfect for storing excess sponges, kitchen trash bags that I like to store together but don’t necessarily need to grab every day. Just a heads up, they don’t include pull out drawers, but they do stack easily and make it convenient to store a lot vertically in a small space.

For storing daily kitchen essentials

I need to be able to pull and grab dishwasher tablets or a fresh sponge or microfiber cloth fast, so I chose two of these stackable bins (with pull-out drawers) to create easy access to items like this beneath my sink. I refill them as needed, but it helps not to have larger packages of each taking up space I don’t have down there. These drawers can be opened easily and stack well without shifting.

For storing taller kitchen accessories

There were some medium height items — like my plant mister, a small spray bottle and room freshening spray — that needed a home too, but a little more space than the stackable bins offered. I found these slide-out bins got the job done well.

For storing my go-to cleaners

A turntable, or “Lazy Susan,” is a popular and seamless way to store and easily access your go-to cleaning product arsenal and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. Now I can happily spin between the disinfectant spray, natural all purpose surface cleaner and bug spray without having to pull everything out. This turntable doesn’t slide, holds at least six standard sized bottles and rotates effortlessly. That’s a lot of function for the price.

For the small stuff

But what about my hand sanitizer spray, dish brush and the other little gadgets I like to keep handy in the kitchen, I thought? The over-the-door storage organizer is a staple in a well-organized beneath the sink area, and I found this one to be sturdy, and more spacious than it looks. Plus, the bonus vertical storage really came in handy when I ran out of space below on the shelf.