How to Fix Your Bottle Clutter Problem with Just $15

published Nov 21, 2018
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Keeping your home free of clutter is a worthy, if lofty goal. As much as we vow to keep the one-in-one-out policy and only keep what makes us happy or is the best version of itself, there are a few things that we do need to hoard in multiples—and sometimes there’s no way around the fact that they’re just plain clutter-y. That’s where smart organization solutions come into play.

Even when you only keep as many as you need, water bottles and travel mugs can start to take over any cabinet. There’s the double-walled stainless steel one that keeps your water icy cold even when you’re out all day. Then there’s the not-insulated one with the design on it that really makes your heart happy every time you look at it. (It’s the little things, right?) When you bring smoothies to go, you have to have a straw, so there’s another bottle for that scenario. And that’s all just for you. When you add in the rest of your household, it’s clear that your cupboards have an organization problem.

No one needs to start their day scuffling with water bottles and searching for the lids that disappear like socks in the dryer right when you need them. So we dug up a solution that’s as efficient as it is elegant.

YouCopia’s BottleStand single-handedly solves the tangled mess you call your water bottle shelf. Stand it vertically in a cupboard so you can see everything you have and grab the bottle you need without having to shuffle anything around. Or you can rest it on its side and put it in a drawer to keep things orderly—the organizer won’t slide around and will keep your bottles and travel mugs from falling, too. There’s even space for handled mugs, so it’s truly a one-stop solution for all your assorted travel beverage containers.

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The BottleStand can also be used for organization beyond your water bottle and travel mug collection. You can use it to store wine bottles in place of a wine rack, or use one in the pantry to keep vinegars, oils, and other bottles of condiments and seasonings visible.