The $30 Kitchen Storage Solution I Wish I Discovered Sooner

published Dec 13, 2023
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Here’s why I rarely clean the cabinet under my kitchen sink: it’s full. From The Pink Stuff to pumpkin spice trash bags to Magic Erasers, there’s so much to remove before cleaning can even begin that I don’t bother to start. The obvious solution is to utilize vertical space, but I’ve already done that, and there are still plenty of items on the ground floor. Enter: YouCopia DoorStash Dishwasher Pod Holder

Quick Overview

Quick Look at YouCopia DoorStash Dishwasher Pod Holder Review

  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Adds storage space inside cabinets and under the sink
  • Has a sleek appearance
  • Holds dishwasher pods, dish brushes, and sponges

What Is the YouCopia DoorStash Dishwasher Pod Holder?

The YouCopia DoorStash Dishwasher Pod Holder attaches to a steel bracket with non-slip padding that hangs comfortably on a cabinet door, utilizing the vertical space I had overlooked. It holds at least 50 dishwasher pods in a flip-down bin that keeps the pods clean and dry but still easily accessible. 

Credit: Meg Asby

What I Love About the YouCopia DoorStash Dishwasher Pod Holder

Like every YouCopia product I’ve tried from the woman-owned company, this dishwasher pod holder is effortless to install, works exactly as promised, and looks good doing it. It even includes a shelf above the pod holder, perfect for dish brushes and sponges. The BPA-free recycled plastic comes in speckled white, and I like the sleek rounded appearance of the bracket visible outside the cabinet when the door is closed. The metal hanging bracket has done absolutely no damage to my cabinet doors, and the flip-down bin is quiet and easy to open and close. I have exactly zero complaints; I only love this product.  

Now for the moment of truth: do I clean under my sink more frequently? Honestly no, but now it’s just because I don’t want to, not because it’s hard. 

Buy: YouCopia DoorStash Dishwasher Pod Holder, $29.60 (normally $34.99)