These Reusable Storage Containers Replaced My Plastic Baggie Habit and Cleaned Up My Cabinets

published Oct 23, 2021
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While I always make sure to recycle what I can, use energy-efficient light bulbs, and never keep the water running too long, I haven’t quite mastered the art of making my home plastic-free (or at least, as much as is reasonably possible). I know I could bring my own grocery bags to the store and wash my plastic baggies so they get more than one use, and I have to admit that the guilt I feel over my consumption is very real, especially when it comes to storage. I knew that swapping out said Ziplocs and Tupperware for durable, more eco-friendly storage pieces was one small step in my quest toward a life with just that much less plastic.

That’s why I was thrilled when I received a package from Zip Top full of the brand’s reusable storage containers, including bags, cups, and dishes (all of which come in different sizes). When I opened the box, I was instantly intrigued; with their silicone material, one-piece build, and total lack of lids, clips, zippers, these products looked far different than the containers I was used to. But, I figured, that was probably a good thing.

After dinner one night, I reached for a large Zip Top dish and placed my leftover pasta inside. I was pleasantly surprised when the container stayed fully open when being filled, helping me pour the noodles in without any falling over and causing additional mess. Sealing up the container was super satisfying, too, as it took barely any effort and was soft to the touch, unlike hard Tupperware lids.

As I put away the other containers for future use, I was thrilled to see how easy they were to store. The silicone material means that Zip Top items are super flexible, so they can be stored standing upright or lying down. It made for way more room in my cabinet, and also just looked a whole lot nicer than my normal haphazard, always-threatening-to-collapse piles of variously-sized Tupperware.

Since that first pasta experiment, I’ve toned down my Ziploc and Tupperware use substantially. I haven’t only used the new containers for holding leftovers, either; they’ve come in handy for storing everything from dog treats to writing materials. They’re so durable, and so flexible, that they can handle pretty much anything that requires storage and fits inside. 

The only downside to the Zip Tops is that washing them by hand is a bit of a pain, because food tends to stick to the silicone insides, so you need to use a little elbow grease to get them fully clean. A good scrub does the trick, though, and if you have a dishwasher, the containers are totally safe to use there, not to mention in the microwave and freezer, too. 

All in all, I’m already thinking about getting more to add to my collection (prices for individual containers starting at $9.99 and sets starting at $21.99). If I do, I might go for the brand’s Baby Set ($8.99 each, or $34.99 for a pack of four), a collection of miniature-sized containers shaped like animals, complete with silicone snouts and ears. I’m not a parent, but I am a sucker for adorable animal-themed products. Who isn’t?