10 Convertible Beds to Try If Normal Beds Are Just Too Boring for You

updated Feb 8, 2023
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Some living spaces may not be suited for a classic sleeping arrangement. As enticing as a cushy, memory foam king-sized bed sounds, urban studios and tiny homes can’t quite accommodate pieces that large. Luckily, convertible beds are way more sophisticated these days and are built to last, too. Thanks to some unique advancements, these snoozing spaces can also be much more useful than setting up a daybed

You see, many convertible beds these days are made for more than just tucking away and will work to fit your lifestyle. Some are able to convert into a desk or table. Some are sofas that break out into bunk beds. Some are couches and chairs that can spread out on a whim to provide ample sleeping space for several houseguests. And while these options might be a bit on the spendier side, these beds make living much more efficient and look way cooler than pulling out just a typical Murphy bed when your friends stop by for a visit. Ready to try one for yourself? Check out 10 of our favorite convertible beds below!

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Working from home has never been more prevalent, but it’s also majorly difficult if you’re living in a small space. Where does your boss expect you to set up an office? This pull-down bed makes WFH so much easier and kind of forces you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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Is it a chair? Is it a couch? A bed? It’s actually all of them, and this convertible sofa bed’s unique moving parts allow you to work three pieces of furniture into one unit. Any unexpected guests that drop by will always have a place to sit — and a bed to sleep in — on the fly.

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Just looking at this sofa will make you nostalgic for sleepovers from your youth. Folding up and out into a bunk bed, this product will come in handy even if you’re way past those nights of giggling and playing games.

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The best part about this sofa bed is that it serves as a full-time couch when it’s not in use but can fold out into a bed when needed. And with its faux-cabinet front, it's a stylish way to dress a space and surprise people when you explain there's a bed inside!

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Clever and chic, this unsuspecting ottoman folds out into a bed in a few minutes flat. While you may have hard feelings towards rickety fold-out beds, this one features a thick memory foam mattress, so you actually can get a good night’s sleep on it.

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Desks aren’t just for adults, and this bunk bed molds itself into a workable (and sleepable) space for kids. With a pull-out desk and organization space, your little ones will appreciate having their own space to work, craft, play, and sleep — and you’ll be happy that it can all be done in one place.

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For another desk option that’s a touch more stylized, this Murphy bed provides ample work space as well as a faux set of cabinets to make it look like that wall had been in your place all along.

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Need something smaller than a couch that still provides you with a place to rest? No problem. This modern chair can hang in the smallest of spaces and transform into a spot that’s ideal for a stretched-out nap.

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This revolving system puts a little bit of separation between your Netflix marathons and much-needed rest. One side features shelves and a TV mount and the other folds out into a bed. It truly is the best of both worlds.

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If you didn’t know of its shape-shifting abilities, you wouldn’t give this cupboard a second glance. But with a bit of rearranging, it pulls out into a queen bed. It’s made of solid wood, and you get three colors to choose from, which can fit well in any home.