This Unassuming $20 Amazon Find Instantly Solved My Most Annoying Sink Dilemmas

published May 16, 2022
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A person cleaning a kitchen counter with a cloth and spray bottle
Credit: Joe Lingeman/Apartment Therapy

I have an announcement: My dish rag regularly dries between uses for the first time since … well, since I’ve first had my own kitchen sink!

That’s 15 years, to be precise. Fifteen years of rags slung across the counter, between the edge of the counter and the sink, or across the divider between a two-basin sink. Years of rags that stay wet between uses, with little airflow and more bacterial growth than I ever wanted to think about. 

But my rag dries between uses now because I’ve found a new sink accessory that’s solved my rag storage problem. 

My previous kitchen storage setup included a simple sponge holder that affixed to the side of the sink with suction cups. It was great, in theory, except for two things: It didn’t have a way to store our rags, and the suction cups fell off the sink all the time. It was really frustrating. My husband got so annoyed by it that he would set the holder on the counter behind the sink and that annoyed me! This was clearly far too much trouble and drama for sink accessory storage. 

When I saw this simple multipurpose sink rail, I had to try it. It’s a slim, two-rail adjustable rack that you can stretch across your sink’s width or length. It has textured rubber grippers on either end to keep it in place. It has several applications: You can rest a colander between the countertop and the rail so you can drain items over the sink without setting the colander down in the sink. You can also set one end of a pot or pan upside down between the counter and the rail so drying cookware can drip into the sink. 

The rail is also perfect for kitchen sink accessories. You can hang a dish-washing brush between the rails, you can set a sponge to dry on top of the rails, and as I’ve already gushed about, you can hang a rag across the rails. The rail offers enough space to do all three of these at once.

I’ve used it mostly for sink accessories — sponge, rag, and dish brush — and the product is worth it for this alone. We also stash our bottle brush here and, not only does it dry, but it encourages us to use it more often. (We used to store it under the sink.) Of course, we also use it to store our rags. With plenty of airflow, they dry better here than any other solution we’ve tried.

I love a good cleaning problem-solver and this rack has been the unexpected, humble answer to all my sink accessory storage problems.