4 Terrific Habits of Homebodies (That Anyone Can Do)

4 Terrific Habits of Homebodies (That Anyone Can Do)

Jennifer Hunter
May 1, 2016

Everyone knows a homebody (and if you don't know one, you probably ARE one!). Homebodies aren't boring and they're not necessarily shy. In fact, they may just know something you don't about why hanging around the house can be pretty awesome, especially with these habits.

They make their homes beautiful, comfortable places to be

Homebodies love spending time at home and so they naturally put a lot of effort into making their home great places to be. That might mean calming colors, lots of comfortable seating or even just plenty of snacks. They know that home should feel nurturing and rejuvenating, so they work hard to mold their particular space into the best retreat they can.

They know that staying home doesn't mean being lazy

Just because they spend lots of time at home doesn't mean homebodies are kickin' it on the couch all day. They've figured out strategies to get plenty done. You can do the same. Figure out the conditions you need in order to concentrate and make them a reality (even if it means moving your work desk into the bedroom to prevent family distractions as I just did).

They take time to really connect with others

Social butterflies are always fun to be around, but they tend to flit from one conversation to another. No one likes to feel like the person they're talking to is just waiting for a bigger, better deal to come along! Homebodies have a special way of inviting guests into their lair and taking the time to really connect. Even when they do go out into social situations, they're often great listeners with thoughtful advice because they prefer to socialize in smaller groups which leads to more meaningful conversations.

They make their own fun

Being alone doesn't mean being lonely. Homebodies relish alone time because they truly enjoy it. They have people or pets at home they love and activities around the house that give them satisfaction. If your home time is feeling a little lackluster (and that's why you're out all the time) you can employ these same strategies. Make your home a fun place to be and you'll have more fun in it!

Chime in, homebodies. What do you love about being home?

Re-edited from a post originally published 5.3.15-NT

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