8 Other Uses for a Shoe Organizer

8 Other Uses for a Shoe Organizer

Jason Loper
Jan 10, 2011

Shoe organizers are an easy way to get all your shoes off the closet floor and up into an easy-to-use sleeve. There are many uses for these handy organizers beyond storing shoes. Shoe organizers can also be used as an affordable way to organize many other household items. After the jump, eight suggestions for other uses for the shoe organizer…

1. Store your socks in a shoe organizer. This will not only free up a dresser drawer, it will also make your socks more visible.
2. The pockets of a shoe organizer are the perfect size for many other accessories. Hang one in your closet for storing your jewelry, scarves, scrunchies, and all those other little accessories that don't otherwise have a home in your closet.
3. Keep a shoe organizer in your craft room to keep all of your supplies organized and easily accessible.
4. If you have room in a bathroom closet, use a shoe organizer to hold bath supplies. The pockets would be the perfect solution for stowing a blow dryer and other hair products, make-up, washcloths, and just about anything else you use to keep yourself looking beautiful.
5. Hang a shoe organizer on the back of an office door to help corral office supplies. Use the pockets for extra packs of paper clips and staples. Or label the pockets for stashing your various electronic cords and chargers.
6. In the garage, use a shoe organizer for keeping tools at hand and organized.
7. Hang a shoe organizer in the pantry for storing small foodstuffs and cooking supplies. The pockets would be a perfect fit for those cookie cutters you don't use very often or for the cloth napkins you trot out for company.
8. Shoe Pocket Garden!

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Image: Jason Loper

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