8 Bedroom Decor Icons From the ’90s That Are Cool Again

updated Mar 16, 2020
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Credit: Andrew Bui

As a teen, my bedroom was my haven. The walls were painted in an aggressive shade of purple, I had a Celine Dion poster next to my CD player and the rest of the space was covered in photos, magazine cut-outs, and peace sign stickers. Luckily for me, nostalgia is a prevailing decor trend, and the items that once graced our bedrooms are making a comeback. Yep, we’re talking bean bag chairs, beaded curtains, lava lamps—the whole deal.

Rest assured, this current revival doesn’t entail poster-clad walls doubling as a shrine to the band of the moment, but merely just a few small reminders of all the great things the ’90s had to offer. So if you’re keen on channeling the best of the era, read on for these updated takes on the classics that will help you do just that.

Bean Bag Chairs

There was nothing like having your friends over, crashing on your bean bag chairs and leafing through a copy of Seventeen. While the old-school version entailed a so-very-special vinyl cover, nowadays we’re lucky to find them in luxe fabrics like suede and moody velvet.

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Once a vessel for Lip Smackers and Lancome Juicy Tube lip glosses, today’s Caboodles are equipped to stash your grown-up staples like makeup, brushes, and even curling irons. Outside of being versatile and mobile, they make the task of taming that ever-growing beauty product and self-care collection just a pinch easier.

Buy: Caboodles On-The-Go-Girl Makeup Case, $20 from Anthropologie

Credit: Umbra

Photo Clip Banners

If you were the type of teen who had a collage of photos on your bedroom walls, then you will be thrilled to hear that photo clip banners have made a comeback. Prime for showcasing your Instax photos or Instagram prints, they’re a great way to display all your best pics.

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Credit: Wayfair

Vanities With Stools

Teen bedrooms in the ’90s weren’t complete without a vanity. How many of our beloved TV icons spent hours perched in front of one? Since then, we’ve largely abandoned these specialized pieces in favor of getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror, but it’s safe to say, they’re inching back into relevance. Outside of keeping your beauty and grooming essentials in check, a vanity also doubles as a spot to sit and take a moment for yourself. Think of it as self-care central.

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Googly Eyes

Perhaps googly eyes might seem out of place in a grown adult’s bedroom, but pop them on a planter and you have a revamped take on the classic. This quirky find promises to give your budding greenery a cheeky redo.

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Credit: Target

Lava Lamps

These colorful, atmospheric lamps were a staple of teen bedrooms everywhere, and they show no signs of stopping yet. Bring one in for a funky source of ambient lighting that few table lamps could ever replicate, especially for this price.

Buy: Lava Lite, $17.49 $13.19 from Target

Beaded Curtains

Do beaded curtains give you any real privacy? No. Do they annoy you every time you walk through them? Yep. But are they just as cool now as they were when you were 14? You better believe it. This color-blocked version from Urban Outfitters is a modern revamp we can’t resist.

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Credit: AllModern

Butterfly Chairs

If you weren’t a fan of squirming to get up out of bean bag chairs, you probably had a butterfly chair in your room instead. While the one from your teen years might have been neon and fuzzy, the updated version comes in sleek materials and subdued colorways, like this black leather version that’s cool enough to live in your adult living room.

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