A Compendium of Clever, Creative Ways to Set Up a Shared Kids Room

updated Mar 11, 2020
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I don’t know about you, but when I think of a shared kids’ bedroom, my mind immediately goes to two twin beds side by side, or maybe bunk beds. (Or if you’re as unlucky as my sister and I were, a shared full bed. We often daydreamed about building a wall right down the middle of the bed!) If you let yourself start to think outside of the box, there are so many creative solutions to a shared kids’ situation. Here are a few of my favorites from our archives:

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  1. Short on space? Try closet bunks like Judah and Layla’s mom did.
  2. Or go with traditional bunk beds. I love how in Brody and Harper’s room, the palette is completely white to keep the small space feeling bright and airy, but the pattern play in the fabrics and accessories adds an element of fun.
  3. Instead of placing twin beds side-by-side, try foot-to-foot instead.
  4. Having twins? The same foot-to-foot idea can work for cribs as well.
  5. If you want to go with a traditional side-by-side layout, tie the beds together by painting them the same color and creating a shared mural on the wall behind the beds.


  1. Remember that both beds don’t have to be oriented in the same direction. An L-shape can work just as well.
  2. Speaking of an L-shape, I love this loft-over-bed option.
  3. If you need your kids’ space to be really flexible, Murphy beds can be a great option.
  4. And don’t forget that lofts aren’t just for beds – they can be a great option for a crib as well.
  5. If your space isn’t large enough for two beds, don’t be afraid to repurpose a closet or nook for additional square footage.


  1. Have more than two little ones? Bunk beds can be placed foot-to-foot as well, like this arrangement in Jasper and Wylie’s room.
  2. And bunks can also be arranged in an L-shape, like in Tommaso and Lorenzo’s room.

Do you have any creative solutions for your little ones’ shared space? We’d love to hear about them!