8 A-Frame House Kits You Can Buy for Under $60,000

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(Image credit: Courtesy Avrame)

Every now and then, you start daydreaming of an affordable escape. Perhaps it’s someplace small and quiet to commune with nature and get away from demands of our days spent indoors. 

As it turns out, you don’t need to purchase a rustic log cabin or a faraway fixer-upper to achieve this new lifestyle. An A-frame house kit might just be your perfect solution. These cozy prefabricated structures are well-equipped, aesthetically pleasing, and can be built virtually anywhere, so they’re ideal for those looking to get off the grid — whether for a quick vacation or for good. 

Another appealing aspect of prefab A-frame homes is that they’re typically energy efficient, featuring smart design elements that make the most of natural light, heat, and cold to keep its inhabitants comfortable while minimizing energy consumption.

Even better? They’re not crazy expensive. We found eight A-frame house kits for sale for under $60,000. Some are from Europe and Canada, meaning they may cost more to deliver to the U.S., so peruse the options below to find your perfect match.

(And if you’re not quite sold on A-frames just yet, check out these tiny home and yurt kits — or even just these free (or very affordable) tiny house plans.)

Credit: Courtesy of Den

Cost: $27,000
Size: 115 square feet

The DIY A-frames from Den, an American company, come in three colors and sleep two. They have beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows so you can be one with nature. You can set yours up to be either on-grid or off-the-grid.

Credit: Courtesy of Avrame

Cost: Starting at $31,325
Size: 428 square feet

Ideal for summer vacations and short-term stays, the Avrame Duo 75 is small yet comfortable. Created by an Estonian company, the one-story structure — made of strength-graded timber — can be assembled in three to six days. Optional extras include dormers, skylights, stairs, a terrace, and more.

Cost: Starting at $33,000
Size: 110 square feet 

The Bivvi Base Camp is a great option for those looking to bring their A-frame anywhere in nature. The 110-square-foot retreat is situated on wheels and can be towed on highways and roadways. The single-room cabin includes a toilet and kitchenette, and has plenty of custom options to add. 

Credit: Courtesy of Avrame

Cost: Starting at $54,075
Size: 835 square feet

Avrame’s Trio 75 is suitable for families with up to five people, according to the company. The two-story building has three bedrooms and one bathroom. It also has ample windows and doors that let in natural light.

(Image credit: Courtesy Lushna)

Cost: $20,020
Size: 164 square feet

This one’s for the camping enthusiasts among us. Made to meld with its natural surroundings, the Villa Massive by Slovenian company Lushna has no frills. It’s a simple bedroom with a large glass wall that brings the outside in. Featuring a shingle roof and made from untreated larch wood, it’s built to withstand all four seasons. You can choose to add a wooden bed platform with integrated power sockets for an additional $940.

Cost: $42,495
Area: 170 square feet 

Off Grid Dwellings suggests using this quaint pre-fab cabin as a mother-in-law suite, guest room, or a rental unit. This is the smallest cabin the company offers, and it comes complete with basic insulation, electrical wiring, and durable windows. 

(Image credit: Courtesy Lushna)

Cost: $53,790
Size: 205 square feet

Those seeking a bit more space will want to opt for Lushna’s Suite Lux, comprising a king-size bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. (Just look at that wood-plank front terrace with its rustic rope enclosure!) Open the glass door to blur the lines between the indoors and out. You can add indoor accessories such as a wooden bed frame and a refrigerator for an extra $5,280, and an outdoor terrace for $2,810. 

Credit: The Backcountry Hut Company

Cost: $43,965
Size: 107 square feet

The Backcountry Hut Company, based in British Columbia, was created in 2015 by avid outdoor enthusiasts with an appreciation for simplicity. The company offers three modular cabins. System 00, the newest and least expensive, is a one-room A-frame that can be assembled in less than a week by a handful of people.