The Cozy $10 Aldi Cat Bed Shoppers Are Buying 2 at a Time

published Dec 9, 2023
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If you’ve ever owned a cat, you’ll understand the slight frustration and confusion when your cat prefers a cardboard box over a newly purchased toy. It’s impossible to understand the appeal of an empty, disposable object, but that’s a secret your cat will never share with you. 

Regardless of your pet’s preference, it’s still nice to buy fluffy toys and beds for them, and Aldi fortunately has a pet bed shoppers love so much that it’s flying off shelves. Reddit user ptanaka first flagged the news of the can’t-miss Aldi find, noting that the beds are the “special of the week” and “will sell out,” and they’re not wrong.

The Heart to Tail Cat Bed from Aldi is only $10, and it’s such a fan-favorite among cats that their owners are buying multiple beds for their households. The cave-shaped bed is available in green and gray, and it looks so cozy that you’ll be jealous you can’t cuddle in it too. 

In case your cat isn’t a fan of enclosed spaces, there are also two round beds available in the same colors that will provide them with all of the space they need (or could ever want) to lounge. And it’s convenient that both the gray and green colorways are on sale during December, because they’ll easily complement all your holiday decor.

According to ptanaka, you’ll want to keep an eye out for a bed that doesn’t have a “collapsing” roof, so it’ll be durable and won’t flatten. After buying it for their own pet, the Reddit user noted that although it took some coaxing (two hours and one treat, to be exact), their 10-pound cat embraced the bed and fit cozily inside. 

The product description on the Aldi site recommends this bed for cats up to 10 pounds, and in case there’s a mess, the beds are machine washable.

This isn’t Aldi’s first cat-centric product by Heart to Tail. The company recently started selling a celestial-themed cat tree and play house. Both of those products retail under $20 too, so consider this cat den yet another thoughtful gift for the new cat owner in your life. 

The next time you’re near an Aldi, be sure to check out the pet section for all of Heart to Tail’s items.