Aldi Is Selling $12 Orchids — And They’re Going to Fly Off Shelves

published Aug 30, 2023
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Aldi’s late August weekly newsletter is promising even more good news for devoted shoppers. Beginning today, Wednesday, August 30, Aldi is selling 5-inch easy orchids at discounted prices at many of its retail locations. The sale will last through Tuesday, September 5, and while the product is not guaranteed at all Aldi locations (you’ll need to call or show up to your local store to find out what’s in stock and when), the deal is too good to let it pass you by.

Pricing in your location may vary, but a local New York City-area Aldi has the orchids available for $11.99.

According to Aldi’s site, the 5-inch easy orchids will be sold in a variety of colors and appear to come pre-potted, which takes 90% of the stress out of bringing a new plant into your home. (They’d also make for incredible — and affordable! — hostess gifts as you’re heading out the door for all of your end-of-summer Labor Day weekend barbecues.) If your local Aldi is all out, you can still shop online, although prices will be a bit higher (we’ve had good experiences with orchids and other indoor plants from Home Depot).

Orchids are easily one of the most intimidating plants to buy and care for, but keeping your orchid alive isn’t as scary as you’d think — as long as you know what to do. Orchids thrive in bright light, so you’ll want to find a space that gets plenty of sunlight for your plant, especially as the seasons change.

When it comes to watering, you’ve probably heard plenty of horror stories ending in dead, or desperately unhappy, plants. You’ve probably heard people recommend using ice cubes to water your orchid, but that has been met with mixed results. Another (safer) option includes “drenching” the plant for 15 seconds and then letting it drain in the sink for 15 minutes.

If shopping for a famously fussy plant at a discount retailer is giving you pause, don’t let it linger. The store has recently made waves among shoppers and plant aficionados alike for its incredible houseplant price points. Aldi’s money tree, coffee plant, and ZZ plant sales (psst: Aldi has ZZ plants on sale again) have helped establish the store as a burgeoning player in the plant space.

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