Aldi Is Selling $10 ZZ Plants

published Aug 29, 2023
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If you plan on staying inside this fall and winter, you’ll need some houseplants to keep you company. Instead of waiting for the chillier temperatures to arrive and potentially affect your plants, it’s a good idea to check out a local plant nursery or grocery store that sells an abundance of low-maintenance houseplants. And fortunately, Aldi has the perfect plant for $10.

Last week the grocery store released $9 money trees, and the 6” ZZ plant is next up to be spotted in Aldi. This isn’t the first time that the supermarket has had the potted plant for sale, but it’s guaranteed to quickly sell out of stores, so don’t waste any time heading to Aldi. If it’s already sold out at your local Aldi, you can also shop for ZZ plants online — we’ve had good experiences with Costa Farms’ indoor houseplants, and this one happens to be on sale.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, commonly known as the ZZ plant, is nearly impossible to kill, so it’s  ideal for new plant parents. For $10, it’s not a crucial investment for those unsure about their green thumbs. Native to East Africa, the plant is adapted to droughts and indirect light, which is why the ZZ plant is fairly low-maintenance. It’s recommended to allow the soil to completely dry prior to watering it, so be careful not to overwater this plant or leave it in the scorching sun.

Once you bring a ZZ plant home, you may want to repot it into a bigger pot with draining holes, as root rot and improper drainage tend to be the common killers. 

After you’ve prepared yourself to be the parent of a ZZ plant, get yourself to Aldi before they sell out! The grocery store’s plant section can usually be found between the flowers and checkout area, and keep an eye out for the money trees. And remember: Don’t overwater it.

Buy: Costa Farms ZZ Plant, $13.94 (normally $18.99)