Aldi’s $8 Long Lasting Potted Tulips “Live Up to the Hype”

published Feb 4, 2024
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Picking up a bouquet of fresh flowers and displaying them in a vase is a great way to bring a bit of life into your home for a few days in the middle of winter. But you know what’s even better than just a regular old bouquet? A bouquet that will last you all the way into spring. Aldi currently has a bouquet of tulips for sale that will stay fresh for weeks because you get the entire bulb and bloom in a gorgeous glass vase — all for just under $8.

And when your tulip blooms do eventually die, you can save the bulbs for planting or let them grow again in the same vase!

Aldi shared a few images of the store’s current offerings, including the tulip vase from Growing Beauty. It appears as though each vase comes with a pair of tulip bulbs, making it a sweet gift for Valentine’s Day.

“Got the tulips and love them,” one person commented on Aldi’s Instagram post.

Tulips can be grown a number of different ways in glass jars. You sometimes see the bulbs sitting by themselves at the bottom of a vase, or other times they’ll be propped up on a bunch of pebbles. The Aldi version is seemingly placed in some sort of substrate that will wick away and drain excess water.

That’s the one thing about growing tulips indoors — they don’t love a ton of water, just enough to keep the roots damp. Too much water can cause the bulbs to start rotting, which is something nobody wants! 

Then, when the blooms die, you can cut off the dried foliage and store the bulbs in a cool, dry place. In fact, it’s recommended you refrigerate your bulbs for at least six to eight weeks before planting in the ground or placing them back into their vessel. You can check out this article for more tips and tricks to planting your tulip bulbs inside.

Head to Aldi ASAP to pick up one of these tulip vases to remind yourself (or your Valentine!) that spring really is just around the corner.