These Stackable (and Chic!) Laundry Bins on Amazon Will Corral That Pile of Dirty Clothes

published Dec 21, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

As much as I’d like to consider myself a self-sufficient adult, the truth is there are still some grown-up tasks I struggle with on occasion. For example, anything to do with cars. Brake fluid refills? Oil changes? Checking the tire pressure? I’m not your girl. Besides the garage, the other place in my house where I experience the most hang-ups is the laundry room. Usually I can figure out how to adjust the washer settings with a quick Google search, but oftentimes I have to admit defeat and call mom. I’m so paranoid of mixing the wrong garments together and damaging them as a result, and I know my mother is sick of explaining how to separate them properly at this point.

But recently I discovered a product on Amazon that can effectively eliminate this problem — no head-scratching involved. This Brabantia laundry box is quite compact for a 35-liter hamper, and if you buy multiple, you can divvy up your dirty clothes in advance and have them ready to go when wash day rolls around.

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way: This laundry box is beyond cute. Whereas some hampers look bulky or frumpy, this one is, quite literally, a structured box with its clean, modular lines. And we definitely suggest buying multiple so you can stack them on top of each other and have one for whites, darks, delicates, jeans, and other categories. This way, when you find yourself running out of wearable clothes and realize you have to do laundry ASAP, you can unload the boxes one by one and not worry about mixing the wrong pieces together.

Customers also love this product regardless of whether they reside in an expansive house or in a much tinier space. “Living in a small apartment, I have to think about how to store things in the most compact and practical way,” one reviewer wrote about the boxes. “I have them stacked behind the door of my bedroom, and they look very neat on top of each other.” Shoppers also note that you can fit a ton of apparel inside each one, so there’s nothing to stress about if you miss a trip to the laundromat. The top of each box lifts up, or you can use the convenient pull opening in the front. Design- and functionality-wise, this genius laundry box has it all.