The $12 Amazon Shower Curtain Liner That Doubles as a Shower Caddy

updated Jan 22, 2024
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As someone who’s had a small bathroom for years in more than one apartment, I understand the struggle of having to find space for everything that gets used in there. It’s not until you’re faced with a storage dilemma that you realize how many products you use everyday in the bathroom from hygiene and beauty items to cleaning supplies. Often, I’ve had to supplement the lack of storage with clear bins and over-the-door shelves, but bathroom organization solutions have gotten more and more creative over time. One way to wrangle bathroom clutter is to put products specifically where you’ll be using them. Shower caddies are so convenient for tiny bathrooms because they can hold your soap, shampoos, washcloths, and more all in the exact place you’ll need to reach them. There are also many different types, so it’s fairly simple to find the right caddy for your bathroom, whether it’s stuck to the wall or hanging from the shower head.

However, if you haven’t found a caddy that suits your needs, it could be a good idea to look toward this 2-in-1 solution: LOVTEX’s Shower Curtain Liner with Pockets.

It’s unlikely you’ll take a shower without a curtain of some sort, which makes the LOVTEX pocketed shower curtain liner a dual-purpose product of the ultimate convenience. Not to mention it comes as a set of two, so right out the gate, you’ve already got a backup liner or one for a second bathroom. Its six-gauge thickness contributes to its durability and is especially helpful since it needs to be strong enough to store your shower essentials from bottles to brushes. There are three 10” x 11” pockets that are made of mesh so they don’t collect water while you shower, and the open design allows the items inside to dry quickly. You can even use the liner as a companion piece for a fabric shower curtain or you can use it on its own without getting water all over the floor. 

So, if you’ve got a small bathroom like mine, this shower curtain liner creates space out of thin air. Amazon shoppers love its pockets and thickness, and have even used the liner with the pockets on the outside to make it possible to reach for other bathroom needs. Its versatility and durability make it a genius find for small spaces, including an excellent option for bath toy storage in kids’ bathrooms. Best of all, since it comes as a two-pack, it’ll be a while before you’ll ever need to replace them. If you ask me, that’s not a bad way to spend $13!

Buy: LOVTEX Shower Curtain Liner with Pockets, $11.99 (normally $15.98)