My Sister-in-Law’s Favorite $12 Tool Will Solve Your Dirty Shower Door Problem

published Feb 24, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

There were some exceptional bathrooms in 2022 — from ones with a spa-like feel to those that had colorful tiles — many of which had this in common: glass shower doors. You can’t deny how glass shower doors can add a luxurious feel to the bathroom. If they are layered in soap scum and water marks, however, it often isn’t the pleasing aesthetic you’re shooting for.

Let’s face it — as beautiful as glass shower doors can be, they are tough and often annoying to keep clean. That’s why I was overjoyed when my sister-in-law recommended this rust-resistant squeegee from Amazon that she uses to clean her shower doors. Here are a few reasons why she loves it so much.

It offers streak-free cleaning while being squeak-free.

Isn’t it the worst when you purchase a squeegee only to find that it barely does the job, leaving trails of water still on your glass doors? Well, this particular squeegee has 4.7 out of 5 stars for suction power and has almost 4,000 ratings on Amazon. My sister-in-law swears how well it still clings to the glass, and this is almost a year later after countless cleanings. And if you’re worried about that annoying squeak noise you sometimes hear with squeegees, you can worry no more. This one is quiet — just like how a relaxing shower should be.

It’s a time saver, seriously. 

The biggest advantage of this squeegee is its time-saving benefits. With my sister-in-law having three kids, she’s always rushing through her shower time anyway. Adding one more thing to what should be an enjoyable respite is typically not ideal for her, but this squeegee is the exception. She raves about how much time this saves her long-term when cleaning the bathroom. Instead of typically waiting until much later to do a full shower scrub-down, simply taking a minute or less after each shower means less time needed later when she needs to clean in more detail. It’s a win for her and her cleaning to-do list.

It’s functional — and fun to use.

What’s nice about this particular squeegee is it comes with hooks so you can hang it up. Attach it inside or just outside your shower for easy and convenient storage. Having it within arm’s reach makes cleaning easier than ever. After each shower, simply take a few minutes to grab your squeegee and with snake-like motions remove the water from your doors until you have a beautiful shining shower. One customer even referred to it as “a relaxing post-shower ritual.”