This $26 Amazon Tool Is the Secret to a Perfectly Made Bed, Every Time

published Nov 10, 2022
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Upper body strength has always been a weak point for me. Given that I once frequently struggled to open water bottles, this physical deficiency literally used to make me worry about living on my own. There would be no one to help me lug heavy packages to the door, open stubborn glass jars, or aid me in making my bed. Kind of pathetic, but a genuine fear of mine nonetheless. Especially the bed part. During my first few years of college, merely lifting the side of my full-sized mattress had me huffing and puffing as if I’d just climbed 10 flights of stairs. Maybe if I’d known then that Amazon would eventually carry pretty much every type of home hack I could possibly think of, I wouldn’t have felt so concerned. There’s even a tool that completely takes the hassle out of putting on bedsheets. It’s called the Bed MadeEZ, and it might just change your life.

For $26, you get a wedge-like tool that slides between the mattress and the box spring or bed frame, creating a gap of space to pull your sheets through. You’ll no longer have to lift a heavy corner with one hand and try to quickly insert the fabric underneath with the other — a move that’s unnecessarily tiring and hard on your back. Amazon customers who bought it practically can’t live without the Bed MadeEZ. “Since I’ve been using this gadget, I’ve found that the fitted sheet isn’t popping off,” one reviewer shared. “I’ve gotten it on there correctly, so it stays put.” The mattress lifter’s handle is large and easy to grip, and although this tool is made of plastic, it’s by no means flimsy. You don’t even have to use your hand to push a sheet or bedskirt into the crack; the end of the wedge does it for you.

Whereas for some people, the Bed MadeEZ is just a convenient gadget to have, for others me people, the Bed MadeEZ is just a convenient gadget to have, for others, including people with physical disabilities and the elderly, it can seriously improve their quality of life. The mattress lifter can help them regain a semblance of independence. “I am 86, unsteady on my feet and have to sit on my rollator when I change the bed,” another reviewer relayed. “Trying to hold up the mattress and get it all tucked in left me worn out… Tonight I used this for the second time, and it was even easier and faster than the first. The bed looks like my bed used to look, [and] my arms/hands/back don’t hurt…” You might even gift two, as using both at the same time essentially lifts up an entire half of the mattress, making the chore that much easier. If customer experience tells you anything, it’s a purchase you won’t regret.