My Parents Have This Ingenious $13 Surge Protector in Every Room (I Just Bought One, Too!)

published Jun 24, 2024
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White bedroom with clothing rack, television on distressed dresser, and desk.
Credit: Erin Derby

Last year, I lived in an old apartment that would seemingly impose a new problem on me every day. Whether it was the windowsills that would get dusty again hours after I cleaned them or the mouse I discovered living under the oven, I felt like I couldn’t catch a break. One of my favorite issues was the messed-up power circuit system. Every room but the kitchen ran on the same circuit, so it would get overwhelmed very quickly. This meant that any time I wanted to use my hair dryer or air purifier, for instance, all of the electricity would shut off after a few minutes of use. I’d call my dad and complain about it every night, and his response was always the same: “Just buy my surge protector! It’s the best!”

He was referring to the POWERIVER surge protector from Amazon, of which he owned three, but I refused to buy one because I didn’t think it would actually solve my problem. But when I saw it was on sale during Memorial Day, I finally ended up buying one for my new bedroom, which doesn’t have enough power outlets for my needs. Now that I’ve had my surge protector for about a month, I seriously wish I’d gotten it last year. It is, indeed, the best.

What Is the POWERIVER Surge Protector?

What’s great about this product is that it lies flush against the wall, so you won’t have a long power strip taking up space on your floor or tripping anyone who walks by. You can screw it into the wall after removing your outlet cover, which is what my dad did, but I was unable to do that. The good news is, I was able to just plug it straight into the outlet, so it’s totally renter-friendly. The plug-in has five regular outlets, as well as three USB ports and a USB-C port. Because the outlets are spaced out on either side, you can use all of them at once without running out of space for your charging cable heads. You’ll also be happy to learn that the surge protector has a fire-proof shell, so although it’s designed to prevent electrical surges and outlet fires, it’s even further protected, should an accident happen.

Credit: Nikol Slatinska

Why I Love the POWERIVER Surge Protector

I use almost every outlet on the surge protector every single day, and everything charges and works without a hitch, including both of my laptops, my essential oil diffuser, lamp, and usually a hot hair tool. Although I don’t use the USB ports that often, I will occasionally plug a speaker or portable charger into one of them, and those charge pretty quickly, too. Because I didn’t screw the surge protector into the wall, it is a tad wobbly, so I have to hold it anytime I unplug a device, but I’m just happy it works regardless. My parents have one screwed into an outlet in their living room, bedroom, and now two in the kitchen, and those don’t budge. Speaking of which, yes — my dad ended up repurchasing this product for a fourth time when he saw I’d bought one on sale on our shared Amazon account. His theory is that you can never have too many of these, and now I agree.

According to reviews, Amazon shoppers also buy the protectors in multiples and even give them as gifts, so my family isn’t the only one that swears by this product. If your own space is short on wall outlets or you want to protect your home against electrical surges, you can skip the endless scrolling and pick up one of these surge protectors. It frequently goes on sale, so you can equip your entire home for less (and trust me, you’ll want to!).

Buy: POWERIVER Surge Protector, $12.99 (normally $19.97)