These Game-Changing Amazon Organizers Helped Me Finally Get My Cluttered Closet Under Control

published Jun 22, 2022
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I’m good at paring down areas of my home when necessary, but truth be told, I’ve never been a minimalist. I love an abundance of closet and shelf space, and always have an eye out for affordable, space-saving organization solutions. I’ve installed drill-free over-the-door storage in multiple rooms, added bins to my pantry, and there are more doors in my apartment with Command hooks than without. I know it might sound like a lot, but it actually makes my apartment look neater. Having those organization solutions not only helps to keep my space tidy, but it forces me to consider what to keep and what to get rid of, guilt-free.

My bedroom closet is ever-changing, and I’ve never quite settled on the perfect method of keeping it organized, but it’s been fun trying! When I heard about the Sorbus Foldable Stackable Storage Bins that Amazon shoppers are loving, I had to buy some for myself — and I have to say: These bins have completely changed my closet for the better.

I knew that the Sorbus storage bins were spacious, but never took the time to actually think about how much they could hold. The containers come as a two-piece set and arrive flat, which is super convenient for transporting. In their full glory, the cubes measure 19.75” x 16” x 13.75” and hold their shape with the help of metal rods that secure the frame. You set the rods in place by pushing them down against the sides, and once that’s done, the storage bins are freestanding. There are two zippered openings, one at the top for loading and a transparent panel in the front that makes it possible to reach what’s inside without having to dig around to find it. The clear panel is especially great if you, like me, have the bins on a closet shelf and don’t want to have to pull it down to see what’s inside. There’s a label holder on the outside and handles on both sides for easy carrying.

Whether it was due to working from home or simply the wrong season, there were many clothes in my closet that made it more packed than it needed to be. Most days I’m grabbing casual wear from my dresser drawers, anyway. The Sorbus storage cubes gave me a reason to take a deep dive into my clothes, and pull out garments to donate and some to store for another day. Two of my four bins have bulky sweaters and sweatshirts, one has clothes I haven’t worn in a while but still wanted to keep, and the last bin has a coat and more sweats. Don’t underestimate the size of these bins. Both sides of my closet had clothes hanging from the front to the back. After I packed the bins, I got at least 60 percent of my closet space back. I can fit all the hanging clothes on one side and still have space for more. 

Credit: Britt Franklin

It’s also worth noting that my bins aren’t stuffed with clothes. They’re full, but not bursting at the seams and I could add more clothing into them if needed. It was also surprising to find that even with all the clothes packed inside, the bins were still light enough for me to lift on my own to put at the top of my closet. While the Sorbus bins do stick out farther than my closet shelves by a couple of inches, it’s not so bad that they get in my way or seem like they might fall. If my ceiling was a little higher, I could stack the bins on top of each other, but it’s nice that they’re flat on top in case I need to put something else on top of them that wouldn’t fit elsewhere, such as my tripod bag (pictured). Plus, as mentioned before, I can still access the clothing inside of the bins through the front panel.

In addition to clothes, the Sorbus storage bins are beyond large enough to store towels, blankets, sheets, and other bedding. You could also keep plush toys, bags, shoes, pillows and more. They can be stacked on the floor, stored in the closet, and can even be used as a toy bin. Before deciding to fill all of mine with clothes, I strongly considered using one to store extra comforters for bedding swaps. The size of these bins make them incredibly versatile, and for $30 (or less, if they’re on sale), you get A LOT of bang for your buck. I’ve been so happy with the results of my closet transformation that I’ve been recommending them to everyone!

Buy: Sorbus Foldable Stackable Storage Bins, $19.99 (originally $29.95)