Hear Me Out, This Double-Duty Toilet Paper Holder Is Actually Stylish And Has Smart Storage

published Jun 23, 2022
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Credit: Lana Kenney

Excluding linens and bath mats, there’s been a longstanding gap in the market for objectively pretty bathroom decor — that’s not wildly overpriced, to boot. Luckily, more brands have recently started to take heed, as seen in Staff’s stylish toilet plunger you’ll actually want to keep on display (don’t knock it ’til you see it), or Yamazaki’s minimalist, small-space-friendly toilet paper organizer. And now, I’m thrilled to add one more find to the design-savvy bathroom list: a luxe-looking toilet paper holder with secret storage.

I’ll be the first to admit that a new toilet paper accessory doesn’t fall particularly high on my home shopping wishlist, but I’d also never come across one quite as genius as the the Day Moon Designs gold toilet paper holder from Amazon. For starters, it’s beautiful — more beautiful than I knew something associated with, um, using the restroom ever could be. My absolute favorite part, though, is its clever built-in shelf.

That’s right, the top portion actually opens up, doubling as a small box for stashing wipes, feminine products, or any other eyesore essentials (hello, extra bathroom cabinet space). The lid’s even designed to stay propped up whenever you’re grabbing something from inside, but the closed surface also works well as a phone stand….just saying. This toilet paper holder comes in two different sizes, both around the same width, with the larger version extending about 1.5 inches longer. And on top of the gold colorway, which I think looks particularly regal (and perfectly fitting for your ~throne room~), you can get black, brushed nickel, and polished chrome finishes, as well, to mingle with any bathroom style or match your hardware.

Setup does require screwing into your wall, but the holder-shelf hybrid includes all the necessary mounting hardware for easy installation. The arm that holds the toilet paper is adjustable, too, so it can sit left or right aligned, per your preference and toilet setup. Prices are arguably a bit steep — the small gold holder starts at $37.99 — but I promise your bathroom will never look better, and going to the bathroom will feel immensely more convenient. Count on this as the most compliment-inducing, spa-worthy addition to your everyday routine.