This Is One of the Most Absorbent Bathmats I’ve Ever Tried and It Makes My Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

published May 3, 2022
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Other than the minutes spent in the shower or bath, I really used to take my bathroom for granted. I was rushing in and out to get ready for the day, treating it as a means to an end rather than part of the process. When I started spending more time at home, I put more care into the spaces where I spent most of my time. I upgraded my sofa, finally replaced my bed frame, and got a grip on whatever was going on in my closet. It also meant adding little touches to my bathroom to make it a more comfortable place to be instead of purely functional. One of those little touches I added was the Organic Cotton Tub Mat from Parachute.

Parachute’s Organic Cotton Collection is full of must-have bedding and bath essentials, but the Tub Mat is my favorite of the bunch. The first time I stepped onto it, fresh out of the shower, I actually stopped to appreciate how it felt under my feet. It’s loomed with 100 percent organic cotton and is surprisingly plush considering its pebbly appearance. Both sides of the bath mat are identical, other than the care tag on the back, which gives it a pleasant cushioned feel no matter which way you place it on the floor. There’s something about stepping out onto a good quality, cozy bath mat that makes you want to slow down for a second to appreciate it.

I was really impressed by the absorbency and drying speed of the Organic Cotton Tub Mat. It’s easy to assume that the more plush an item feels, the more water it’s going to hold onto and the longer it’ll take to dry, but that’s not the case for this bath mat. My feet were dry enough to comfortably slip back into my slippers in the time it took to towel off. The mat itself doesn’t have a built-in loop, but it can be hung up by its tag to dry, so you don’t have to leave it on the floor. As someone with a tiny bathroom, I was especially grateful for that.

I use the Tub Mat almost exclusively now. After a long day, it fits right in with the rest of my evening wind-down routine. It makes me cherish bath time even more as a moment to disconnect and pamper myself beyond luxurious bath bombs and moisturizing shower gels. After all, it’s not only about what you use in the shower that makes it special, but the experience you create outside of it, too.