The $9 Plant Accessory I’ve Already Bought 3 Times

published Sep 25, 2023
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I have always loved plants and have used them as decor in my apartments. If my tchotchkes don’t take up all the space on my shelves, I’ll stick some plants there. If there’s an awkward corner that can’t be filled with a floor lamp or a chair, I’ll add a plant to it. Or, if there are spaces in my home that just need a little something, I’ll give that area some extra life by putting down a plant. 

Credit: Rachel Center

My plants have certainly elevated the overall look of my home, but over time I noticed that there aren’t really a whole lot of options out there if you want to decorate your plants. Sure you can get pretty plant pots, display them on decorative stands, or get a trellis. But that’s kind of it. That was, until I discovered these adorable and affordable plant accessories from Etsy, which took my houseplant experience to an entirely new level.

What’s So Great About AnotherStudio’s Plant Animal Decorations?

The plant animal decorations are from a small business called AnotherStudio that I discovered on Etsy. They’re basically clip-ons that you can attach to the stems and vines of your houseplants, making your plant collection look like it has its own ecosystem. There are more than 30 animals to choose from, giving plant parents plenty of options to customize their indoor jungles. Some of these include bugs such as a butterfly, as well as other wild animals like a red panda, flying squirrel, bush baby, and toucan. In addition to the clip-ons, you can also get decorations that stick into the soil like flowers, cats and dogs, and even a Ferris wheel.

Credit: Rachel Center

The animals are squeal-worthy and spark joy every time I see them. The etching is very defined, which is impressive, considering how small these accessories are. All of the plant decorations are made of corrosion-resistant brass, so you don’t need to remove them while watering your plant. The brand says that they can also live in a moist terrarium environment. Note: The brass is thin, so exercise caution when bending the animals’ feet, legs, or arms to attach them to your plants. 

Credit: Rachel Center

For the most part, I was able to bend the arms and legs of the animal decorations I have easily, with the exception being some of my plants with smooth stems. I got my koala to latch onto my little fiddle leaf fig, which has a rough stem, but it kept sliding on the smooth stem of my Chinese Evergreen, so I had to manipulate the little koala hands around it. 

In addition to the absolute joy they bring, the best part about these accessories is the price, with most starting at just $8.41. Considering how affordable these are, I bought three in my first order and am definitely getting more. And although the artist is located in England, shipping costs are less than what some retailers charge stateside, and I got my order in just one week (I’m on the West Coast).

If you’re someone who has been wondering how they can zhuzh up their plants, these little critters will do just that, and put a smile on your face — guaranteed. 

Buy: AnotherStudio Plant Animal Decorations, starting at $8.41