This Gorgeous, Small-Space-Friendly Sectional from Article Is the Green Sofa I’ve Been Dreaming Of

published Oct 18, 2023
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Up until a couple of months ago, I’d never owned a couch in my own apartment. In college, my dorm room’s common space was basically a connecting hallway, and when I upgraded to a studio apartment in the West Village, I prioritized location over size. After a Zoom tour with a real estate agent, I assumed I’d be able to cram a loveseat in the space — at least. Lo and behold, once I actually laid eyes on the place in person, it was much tinier than it looked on camera. So tiny that I was barely able to squeeze an armchair in the few feet between my bed and my refrigerator. 

I made do with what I had, but it was hard not to feel like I was missing out when I saw tons of beautiful sofas all over social media — including the ones from minimalist furniture brand Article. Since parting with my studio this summer, I’ve been decorating my new place — which has its own separate living room (!!!) — and the first order of business was to acquire a sofa. And, after years of window shopping, I knew a green one was the way to go. Luckily, I had the chance to test out Article’s Burrard Sectional, which has completely lived up to my years-long green sofa dream.

Quick Overview

A Quick Look At The Burrard Sectional

  • The color is dark enough to camouflage any potential stains and wear
  • It’s small space-friendly for a sectional, but can easily fit two people lying down
  • Its firm cushions will support your back, but it’s soft enough for hours of sitting
  • Its woven material has an interesting texture – and it’s extremely durable
  • Easy to assemble and fantastic delivery service

Design Features That Stand Out

Honestly, the photos don’t do this sectional justice — when you get closer to the woven fabric, it has some lighter green undertones mixed in with the darker ones that make it way more visually interesting than your average green sofa. In addition to the color, what primarily drew me to the Burrard was its modern, simple aesthetic. It’s all clean lines, with sleek, wooden legs that aren’t too high or too noticeable — but they are long enough that you could store some items underneath if you wanted. Not to mention, for a sectional, it’s extremely small-space friendly. It provides tons of seating while only extending about 9 feet wide (and its chaise portion is about 6 feet deep).

Credit: Morgan Pryor

How It Performed

It is worth noting that this isn’t the type of sofa you sink into; its cushions are firm, particularly the back ones, but it’s nothing a plush accent pillow can’t fix if you don’t want solid support. Their density, though, also means that they won’t sink or lose their shape, which I appreciate given how much usage it gets. The Burrard still looks as new as the day it arrived, and its firmness hasn’t resulted in any discomfort in my own experience. In fact, my roommate and I have both watched several hours of Killing Eve at a time on it — which brings me to the Burrard’s spaciousness. Sitting regularly, four people (at least) can fit comfortably, and when my roommate and I are fully lying down, we still have about half a cushion between us.

And I’d be remiss not to mention the stellar delivery and assembly service. Article was extremely communicative, with emails and a text about 15 minutes before arrival, which was handy since I was out of town and directing my roommates from out of state. (Stressful, right?) According to them, the in-unit assembly went quickly. With how simple of a design it is — step one is attaching the legs and two is hooking the chaise section to the other half of the couch — I don’t think you’d have any issues if you were to build the Burrard yourself. But if you have several flights of stairs and weak upper body strength as we do, I’d highly recommend splurging on the white-glove service.

What We Loved

  • Gorgeous design: The color has tons of depth, especially when you get up close to it, and its simple design means that it can work with any aesthetic, from boho to mid-century modern. it also comes in ivory and grey, but the forest green really stands out to me.
  • Durability: The woven upholstery is also extremely strong — I don’t see it piling for years, if ever —  and the solidness of the cushions means that it doesn’t sag or lose its shape.
  • Small space-friendly: If you want a sectional look but don’t have the largest living room in the world, the Burrard is for you. Our space is roughly 10- by 8 feet, but with how airy the couch feels, it doesn’t appear cramped at all.

Good to Know

There are a few important notes to remember before you snag the Burrard for yourself. First, it has high arms, which means you’ll have to find a high-side table to pair with it. Next, again, I can’t stress enough that even though this couch isn’t plush, it isn’t uncomfortable. The back pillows are stiffer compared to the seat ones, but they provide good back support. Lastly, the color is darker than in the photos on Article’s website — but I liked it even better in person. It’s much easier to match with different accent colors and shows far fewer signs of visual wear.

Should You Buy the Burrard Sectional?

This sectional has been a fantastic first couch so far, and I’d recommend it for those who:

  • Aren’t fans of cloud-style couches, and like a decent amount of support
  • Want tons of seating without sacrificing too much space
  • Have been wanting to join in on the green couch trend, but are looking for an option that isn’t too in-your-face

Buy: Article, $1,899