Lauren Turner

Jen & Andrew’s Colorful Bungalow
Name: Jen Garcia & Andrew Carnwath Location: Richmond, Virginia Size: 1,600 square feet Years lived in: 6 years; Owned Jen and Andrew, known also in the Richmond antique trading fold as The Odd Couple, have an eye for the delightfully unusual, and a knack for bringing it all together to create a space that is as curious as it is inviting. Throughout their space, sophisticated furniture and an abundance of curios combine harmoniously against a backdrop of richly colored walls.
Jan 23, 2015
Tracy & Kenny’s Retro Modern Richmond Ranch
Name: Kenneth Close and Tracy Wilson Location: Richmond, Virginia Size: 1,700 square feet Years lived in: 2; Owned With toys, turntables, colors that pop, and vintage posters that will make you long for the days of playing Pacman at the arcade, Tracy and Kenny’s 1961 ranch is modern, playful, and kitschy in all the right places. The open floor plan allows for great views from all angles of Tracy and Kenny’s living, dining, and kitchen space, and there is certainly a lot to take in.
Jan 10, 2015
Tess’s Grand & Colorful Virginia House
Name: Tess Shebaylo Location: Church Hill; Richmond, Virginia Size: 2,500 square feet Years lived in: 3 years; Owned Stepping off of the red brick sidewalks of Richmond’s historic Church Hill district into Tess’ home, one is struck by a sense of grandeur that is at once awesome and inviting. It is the kind of space worthy of slack-jawed gazing, as you wander from room to high-ceilinged room, savoring the distinct mood of each part of Tess’ space.
Dec 18, 2014
Saana & Olli’s Tiny Turku Nest
Name: Saana Sipilä & Olli Sallinen Location: Pohjola, Turku, Finland Size: 516 square feet Years lived in: 5 years; Rented Finnish textile designers Saana and Olli have made their home in a tiny yellow wooden house in Turku, Finland. Built in the 1890s, the space shows signs of age, but the couple’s thoughtful styling and furnishings compliment its well-worn appearance so well that one wouldn’t really want it any other way.
Nov 7, 2014
Viivi’s Pastel Helsinki Haven
Name: Viivi Arela Location: Helsinki, Finland Size: 230 sq ft room in a 805 sq ft apartment Years lived in: 1 year; Rented Living and working in a shared rental apartment hasn’t hindered Viivi’s creativity in personalizing her space. Pastel hues, simple silhouettes and inspiring color-coordinated vignettes lend to a peaceful and personal urban atmosphere, without (potentially landlord-upsetting) permanent modifications.
Oct 6, 2014
Kaisa & Otto’s Black and White Abode in Helsinki
Name: Kaisa and Otto Location: Käpylä; Helsinki, Finland Size: 441 square feet Years lived in: 3 years; Owned There are a few things that one expects when stepping into a Finnish apartment—a row of shoes by the door, labeled towels racks in the bathroom, and at least a few Finnish design staples. Kaisa and Otto’s home certainly ticks all of those boxes, but when it comes to showcasing Finnish design staples, they have gone above and beyond.
Sep 26, 2014
A Bright & Quirky 430 Square Foot Helsinki Loft
Name: Saara Helkala Location: Helsinki, Finland Size: 430 square feet Years lived in: 6 years; rented Just beyond the small, shadowy entryway to Saara’s loft-style apartment, daylight beckons through two grand windows on the main wall of the living space. While the natural light in Saara’s apartment—during the months that the sun actually shines in Helsinki—is really remarkable, it’s just one of the many inviting things about her space.
Sep 5, 2014
Lauren & Mikko’s Colorful Mix
Name: Lauren & Mikko Location: Punavuori; Helsinki, Finland Size: 473 square feet Years lived in: 2 years; owned When Lauren and Mikko bought their 473 square foot apartment two years ago, they completely renovated the entire space to create the most efficient layout possible. So despite the small footprint, this bright Helsinki apartment feels spacious, and is chock-full of personal touches.
Aug 24, 2014