10 Bedroom Shelf Ideas That’ll Add More Storage and Style to Your Space

published Apr 8, 2023
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Credit: Jason Rampe

 Your bedroom isn’t just where you sleep — it’s also a space for you to store lots of your belongings. Shelving is one of the most versatile ways to create organization in a small bedroom, and you can find something that works for you no matter the size or shape of your room.

Living in tight quarters, or just looking for a better way to organize your room? Below, find 10 bedroom shelf ideas from house tours featured on our site.

1. Use the space above your bed. 

One of the best ways to add some shelving to your bedroom is by using the space above your bed. This Chicago renter (pictured above) hung a shelf above the bed for additional book storage and added framed art for extra visual impact. 

2. Create walls of shelves.

You don’t need furniture to make a big impact. To create extra storage and display space in a tiny NYC apartment, this renter created entire walls of floating shelves, where she puts books and displays artwork. 

3. Hang a floating shelf.

Short on space? A floating shelf or bedside table offers storage without taking up valuable square footage on the floor. Choose a floating nightstand so you can store on it and in it, like the owner of this San Jose home.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

4. Use your window sills. 

In a bedroom seriously short on wall and floor space, put your windowsill to work, like this Toronto renter did. Sills are great for holding things like plants (and candles!).

5. Buy double-duty furniture. 

This Charlotte homeowner has a bench in front of the bed, which is a great spot to sit down when needed and a smart way to add more “shelving.” Simply add a tray to the top or a few baskets below it. 

6. Put your decor to work. 

Your decor doesn’t just add personality to your bedroom — it can also add some much-needed storage space. For example, this Brooklyn home has a “bonus shelf” for plants by way of a storage trunk on the floor.

Credit: Jason Rampe

7. Use every square inch of the shelves you already have. 

If you have a large bookshelf, for example, don’t just use the designated shelves — the top of the shelf is a great spot for storage and decor alike, as demonstrated by this NYC renter, who also uses this bookshelf as a divider in her studio apartment to separate the living and bedroom areas. 

8. Think vertically. 

When extra width isn’t an option, height is the way to go. The tall vertical bookshelves in this NYC studio apartment allow for more book storage in a small space. 

Credit: Lana Kenney

9. Add built-ins. 

Built-ins, like the ones in this bright and airy Cape Town, South Africa, home, infuse the bedroom with character and additional storage surface — all without butting into the actual space. 

10. Try hanging storage.

No room for furniture, and no desire to mount actual shelves? Try hanging baskets on your wall like this New Orleans renter. Along with creating instant storage, they also add a soft, natural texture to the already organic-feeling space.