9 Bedroom Style Trends On Their Way Out In 2024, According to Realtors

published Feb 21, 2024
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Modern interior of bedroom with gray and wooden furniture
Credit: CreativaStudio / Getty Images

Bedrooms can (and should) be a sanctuary and a retreat from the chaos of daily life, but designing one can also mean sometimes falling for popular trends that are taking over your social media feeds. While some bedroom style trends do feel here to stay — oversized mirrors, anyone? — others ultimately don’t give your space the standout effect you intended.

Whether you’re considering selling your home soon or are in the mood to make over your bedroom, we dug up some dirt on which popular bedroom trends you may want to avoid this year. We spoke with Michigan-based Realtor Jason Gelios of the Ask Jason Gelios Show and Illinois-based Realtor Amanda Albrecht of Selling the Suburbs to get their take.

Before we go there, let’s get one thing straight: Trends are always subjective. If you have any of these bedroom style trends going on in your space and you love it as-is, don’t change a thing — it’s all about what works best for you in your home. But, if you’re in desperate need of a spruce-up or considering putting your place on the market soon, avoiding these nine bedroom style trends could help. 

Large Primary Bedrooms

While a large primary bedroom used to be the pinnacle of luxury, Gelios says, “builders are making master bedrooms slightly smaller with more functionality.” This also speaks to the fact that home sizes in general are trending lower after a “brief increase during the post-Covid building boom,” according to the National Association of Home Builders Eye on Housing.

Lots of Decor Items

Gone are the days of pillows piled up on the bed and nightstands overflowing with trinkets. Rather than spending tons of money on decor, Albrecht recommends “spending the money on finishes, mirrors, and lighting, which will give an effortless and clean feel to any space.”

Neutral Colors

The last few years have seen a rise in neutral colors throughout the home. But in the bedroom, Gelios has noticed people shying away from neutral colors and instead including “a multitude of colors that create a warm space.”

Visible Technology

While many people opt to have TVs, charging stations, and other items in the bedroom, the trend is leaning more towards concealed technology, Albrecht says. Things like “hidden cords by way of built-in charging stations, flat TVs that look like art, and smart lighting choices” can keep technology accessible without being the focal point. 

Harsh Lighting

Lighting is, increasingly, a focus in homes. Natural light is always a selling point for a space, but when night falls and natural light isn’t an option, Gelios says that “the need for warm, inviting lighting is ranking at the top of a homeowner’s list.” 

In keeping with the theme of minimal decor, Albrecht recommends adding a low pendant light over the nightstand rather than using a lamp because “pendant lighting removes the need for unsightly cords and many affordable options cost less than lamps.” You can also opt for sconces to keep cords at a minimum and the nightstand free of clutter. 

Curvy Furniture

Many pieces of bedroom furniture used to be ornate, wood masterpieces, but Gelios says those days are over. “Rounded chairs, ottomans, and even dressers are on their way out in 2024,” he says. In recent years, furniture has moved towards more streamlined versions that offer a minimal and functional feel.

Plain Walls

If you want to include some color in your home but aren’t ready to tackle common areas, the bedroom is a good place to experiment with color. Plain walls in the bedroom are on their way out, just as neutrals are losing popularity as well. Albrecht sees that “peel-and-stick wallpaper has come a long way and is easy to install and inexpensive.” The best part is that it’s removable if you get tired of it or decide to switch up the space.

Industrial Design 

Most 2024 bedroom trends are all about texture and warmth, so industrial design is becoming less popular. But if you do want to incorporate industrial aesthetics into your bedroom, you can add some warmth by bringing in cozy blankets and some natural wood elements.

Single-Use Pieces

Functionality is a hallmark of today’s bedrooms, so including pieces that only serve one function doesn’t cut it anymore. Multi-use pieces include nightstands that include charging stations and framed TVs that double as art. Gelios also says that “storage at the end of a bed or a closet with a small desk in it” are ideas that can help the bedroom be as functional as possible.