The 6 Best Bathroom Decorating Tips, According to You—Apartment Therapy Commenters!

updated Jun 26, 2020
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

There’s no shortage of great decorating advice in our comments section—so good that I’ve already rounded up and shared your best tips for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. And over the past few months, I’ve been taking stock of what you, Apartment Therapy readers, are saying about your bathrooms in the comments.

Bathrooms are an area where, if the thoughtful ideas I’ve seen are any indication, you’ve managed to strike the right balance between pretty and practical yet again. I’ve collected some of the very best bathroom decorating tips you’ve shared, and you can bet I’m looking forward to reading even more of your thoughts in this story’s comment section. Here are some of my favorites:

Credit: Laura Fenton

Pick materials and finishes that force you to clean

The bathroom is one of the easiest places to make a mess—and also one of the main spaces you want to be clean at all times. One way to make sure you keep yours looking fresh? Choosing materials that show stains and grime, as counterintuitive as it may seem. Clear shower curtains are great for this, says commenter Smee, who’s had a transparent curtain at home for decades. There’s no hiding the dirt on it, so when it’s time for a cleaning (or a new curtain), it’s very apparent. The same is true for white tile. 

Credit: Lula Poggi

Don’t let under-sink space go to waste

The space under your sink is the best place to tuck things away to reduce visual clutter and keep the bathroom feeling clean and calm, so find storage solutions that really take advantage of that real estate, especially if you don’t have a vanity with cabinets or drawers. As commenter CalgaryGirl reminds us, if you can’t buy, DIY! “There’s so much wasted space under sinks and vanities,” CalgaryGirl writes. “In my last two places, I’ve gone to the hardware store, bought a 4′ x 2′ melamine craft panel, and DIYed a shelf for under the vanity—game changer. SO much more storage!” 

Consider a curved curtain rod

It might seem like a small change, but curved curtain rods are another great way to maximize space in your bathroom, says commenter oscarandbirdie. Yes, it might only be a few extra inches of space, but this simple tweak feels and visually can look like you have a whole lot more room when showering. Sometimes all it takes is tricking the eyes to make a space seem bigger and airier.

Go a little glam without breaking the rules

Hanging an elegant light fixture over a bathtub sounds oh-so luxurious. Unfortunately, that’s often not allowed. “Building codes in the U.S. are generally strict about light fixtures over a tub, and you would need spectacularly high ceilings to pull it off,” says commenter razzy2000. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little creative and evoke those romantic, glam vibes in other ways. “I put a candle chandelier over mine,” says razzy2000. “It’s pretty sexy.” Another great idea would be a plant chandelier.

Mind mold and mildew with… a curtain

Moisture in bathrooms is always a concern, so it’s important to pick materials that dry quickly. If you have a window in your bathroom that you need to keep covered for privacy, commenter angelinethebaker suggests using a curtain to help with air flow. “One kind of oddball thing that helped our bathroom mold was switching from mini blinds to a lightweight curtain,” angelinethebaker says. “Turns out the blinds, which were kept closed most of the time for privacy, were trapping wetness behind them. The curtain lets air through, and we no longer get mold on the window frame, and [it] can be tossed in the wash a couple times a year.” Great idea! 

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Upgrade old towels

Making your bathroom look better doesn’t always require huge changes like retiling the floor and walls. Sometimes it’s as simple as throwing out (or donating/recycling) the towels that should have seen their last wash a decade ago, as commenter Troppo Bella suggests. Invest in pretty linens that complement your color scheme, like the striped ones in the blue and white bathroom above, and add other accents like a plush rug and some plants. You’ll be amazed how big of an impact these small tweaks can make.