The Best Bedroom Color for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Expert

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Credit: Design: Apartment Therapy

You can apply your horoscope to just about every aspect of your life, from your job to your relationship to your next vacation. But did you know you can also decorate your home based on your Zodiac sign? That’s especially true for bedrooms, which double as our own personal sanctuaries. 

To learn more about the best bedroom color for each Zodiac sign, I consulted professional home organizer and interior designer Devin VonderHaar of The Modern Minimalist. VonderHaar says that, generally speaking, the following types of sun signs prefer these categories of colors: 

  • Earth signs — Earth tones
  • Air signs — Grays and cool tones
  • Fire signs — Reds, gold, and bright colors
  • Water signs — Blues, blue-greens, and purples

Incorporating these palettes into your bedroom can have an even bigger impact than any other space in your home. “It’s where you sleep and are constantly absorbing things,” says VonderHaar. “It’s a reflection of who you are, and it’s where you reconnect with yourself.”

If you can’t paint your walls, though, you can still tap into your sign’s signature colors with smaller decorative touches. VonderHaar suggests bringing in “custom hardware for a bedside table or dresser, a lamp shade, a jewelry dish, picture frames, pillows, or hooks on the wall.”

Either way, get inspired by the bedroom design ideas below — and note that I prioritized hues associated with each sun sign, but your rising and moon signs may also influence your style and preferences, as well.

Credit: Melanie Rieders


Red best represents an Aries’ courageous spirit, while this sign’s complementary colors are pink and white. “Aries could for sure have a red bedroom,” VonderHaar says. “Or maroon (something very sexy) or rust (if they want something more subdued).” The bedroom in this actor’s New York City apartment looks the part with sensual deep red and black wallpaper, accented by red and turquoise touches.


Taureans typically thrive in environments with pastel pinks, whites, and earthy colors. VonderHaar, who’s a Taurus herself, says a muted or deep olive green could match the sign, as well. Take a cue from this 400-square-foot studio, which features a calming bedroom corner with earthy pink and mustard accents, white sheets and shelving, and a wooden floor and bed frame.


Geminis are known for being playful, intellectual, and curious. Their best colors? Yellow and green. But because they can sometimes be “kind of all over the place,” as VonderHaar notes, “they may need a little more grounded energy,” as well. This Scandinavian-style Barcelona home showcases just the kind of Gemini-approved eclectic vibe. Grounding cherry wood furniture mingles with cheery yellow accents, green leafy plants, and a charming Edison bulb hanging just above the nightstand.

Credit: Max Maloney


For a water sign like Cancer, blue, sea green, white, and yellow can form an “aquatic and safe” refuge, per VonderHaar. The bedroom in this small San Francisco rental apartment showcases ocean blue walls, powder blue bedding, wooden floors and furniture, and white accents, which all come together to create a colorful yet soothing space.


Leos are “very ‘take me as I am,’ bold humans,” according to VonderHaar. Their signature colors are reddish-orange, gold, and purple, which can be tricky to work into a bedroom. But this ‘70s-inspired U.K. bungalow makes warm tones a central feature via groovy floral bedding and a funky patterned lamp shade, balanced by a classic wooden nightstand and rattan paneling behind the bed.

Credit: Anna Cirenza


Virgos tend to be the Zodiac’s ultimate perfectionists. Their main power hues are pastels and greens, but because they like order and are “sensitive to color,” as VonderHaar explains, they usually prefer minimal amounts of it. The bedroom in this 1920s Portland rental bungalow, for example, has simple white curtains and bedding, a blush pink throw blanket, and deep green plants to create an intentional, tidy getaway.


“Libras are very strict about having order and no chaos,” VonderHaar says. “They have a lot of crossover with Virgos.” That said, Libras should consider gravitating toward blues, pinks, and greens, although VonderHaar advises keeping these colors minimal and light. This California apartment’s bedroom strikes that balance with the soft blue bedspread, baby-pink throw blanket, and small succulents, paired with plain white walls, furniture, and bedding.

Credit: Minette Hand


Scorpios are deeply passionate, and their go-to colors reflect that: dark purple, maroon, and black. “Scorpios could have a black bedroom,” VonderHaar says. “It can be moody as hell and witchy and all of that fun stuff. They could do deep blacks, charcoals, and jewel tones.” This 350-square-foot New York City studio embodies that through a deep black accent wall, rich faux fur bedspread, and silver hanging light fixture. The seating area even has an antique trunk, further adding to the space’s romantic essence.


A Sagittarius can be intense, but typically less so than their Aries and Leo fire sign counterparts. Purple and yellow shades specifically fit their penchant for spontaneity. The purple-forward bedroom in this colorful California condo displays the color well: moody two-toned walls, a deep purple bed and bedspread, as well as whimsical light pink lights above the nightstands.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn


“Capricorns are the boldest of the earth signs,” says VonderHaar. So, while they do well with neutrals, they can also handle stronger shades of gray, black, and brown.  This Scandinavian-inspired apartment in Toronto fits the bill with its dark wood bed frame, white and gray bedding, and deep blue dresser.

Credit: Erin Derby


Aquarius colors are electric blue and turquoise, but VonderHaar wouldn’t necessarily focus on color when designing an Aquarian bedroom. “When I think of Aquarians, I think of community and humanitarian efforts, so it may be less about color and more about things like photos and items from places they’ve been,” she says. The bedroom in this quirky Queens rental has both: Its walls are drenched in bright blue paint, plus it features a vintage wooden desk, sentimental photo in a gold frame, and a row of books as a nod to this sign’s philosophical nature.


Pisces are sensitive and romantic, and they feel most supported when surrounded by soft sea green, light yellows, and lavenders. The bedroom in this Portland rental puts gentle green, blue, and rust velvet pillows front and center, complementing the soft green-and-cream walls and the floral artwork behind them.