The Best Bedroom Layouts Have These 3 Things in Common

published Mar 5, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

When your life becomes busy and stressful, your bedroom becomes more critical than ever as a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. But what makes a bedroom genuinely comfortable and inviting? According to real estate and design experts, the best bedroom layouts have three key elements: proper mood lighting, a focal point headboard, and an established color palette.

Credit: Erin Derby

Mood Lighting

Proper mood lighting is essential for setting the right atmosphere in your bedroom. While bright overhead lighting might help you get ready in the morning, it can be harsh and jarring at night when you’re trying to wind down. Instead, experts recommend incorporating various light sources throughout the room, including bedside lamps, dimmer switches, and even candles or fairy lights.

“A beautiful bedroom should have a combination of ambient lighting and task lighting,” explains Bree-Anna Macdonell, a Toronto-based real estate agent, who suggests pairing a tasteful chandelier with warm table lamps that fit the size of the space. 

Remember when choosing the proper lighting for your bedroom, it’s essential to consider both form and function. In addition to providing adequate illumination for reading and other activities, your lighting should also help to create a relaxing and soothing environment. Soft, warm light is ideal for promoting relaxation, while cooler, brighter light can help to energize and invigorate.

“I recommend layering up different types of light for true customization, such as using bedside lamps, fairy lights, and candles dotted around the room, as well as a gorgeous main light fixture on the ceiling for when you need full lighting,” says Rudolph Diesel, a London interior designer. 

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

A Focal Point Headboard

A must-have for any bedroom, not only does a stunning headboard provide stylish and practical support for your pillows and bedding, but it also creates a sense of depth and visual interest. From traditional wooden headboards to sleek, modern designs, there are countless options depending on your style.

“Not only is a headboard a spot to rest against, it’s also a centerpiece that grounds the area while making a statement,” explains Jessica Harris, interior designer and manager of production design at Living Spaces, an online retailer. “Since it can make such a large impact on the room, your headboard should be one of the first pieces you pick out as it can help define your room’s aesthetic.”

Melissa Fields, the owner and president of Texas-based Shades of Grey Design Studio, agrees. “I love to use a grand, custom headboard in a project because you really make it a bespoke piece for the client in the fabric that is selected, the size, and the style that fits them and what they love,” Fields explains.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

A Thoughtful Color Palette

An established color palette can tie the whole room together and create a cohesive and harmonious look. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or soft, muted tones, choosing a color scheme that speaks to you can significantly impact your bedroom’s overall mood and feel — but top designers and agents recommend keeping it simple. 

According to Elsa Elbert, the professional organizer behind L.A.-based Composed Living, “too much color in a bedroom feels busy and chaotic.”

“I love earthy tones with lots of layered textures. Adding pillows, throw blankets, rugs, and objects in the same palette but varied textures bring a lot of warmth and interest to the space while still feeling calm,” Elbert adds.

Of course, these three elements are just the beginning when designing your dream bedroom. From choosing the right bedding and window treatments to adding personal touches like artwork and accessories, there are endless opportunities to make your space your own. But by starting with a dramatic headboard, thoughtful lighting, and a cohesive color palette, you can create a solid foundation for a functional and beautiful space.