10 Easy-To-Move Furniture Pieces That’ll Take the Stress Out of Changing Apartments

published Jul 27, 2023
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One of the most appealing things about my NYC apartment was that it came fully furnished. Even still, it was a huge pain to move all of my clothes and other personal belongings from my old neighborhood to the new one. Although I plan on staying in my current place for a while, the mere thought of moving furniture in and out of apartments in the future is enough to give me hives. (Okay, I’m being dramatic, but shortness of breath at the very least.) I’ve heard all the horror stories from other city dwellers, and I’ve decided that any large pieces I do acquire will be easy to transport in some way, be they compact, collapsible, modular, or some combination of the three. Thankfully, many of my colleagues here at AT as masters at moving, and they have lots of great furniture recommendations that are both functional and stylish. If you’re going to be moving soon (or looking to lighten your load for the future) have a look through the picks below, and save yourself the stress of heavy hauling and damaged furniture.

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Beds are one of the trickiest furnishings to move from one place to another, especially when you're trying to squeeze their bulky frames through narrow doorways. The Thuma bed, however, simplifies this process. Tamara, AT's managing commerce editor, said the bed is now her favorite piece of furniture in her apartment, not least of all because of its smart design. "The wooden frame corners are designed to perfectly fit into each other like a Tetris puzzle — it literally took less than 10 minutes to assemble with the help of my boyfriend (after we unboxed everything)," she wrote. "Most importantly, it’s super sturdy, so squeaking is in the past." When it's time to move, you can similarly disassemble the bed in minutes and rest assured that its frame won't become damaged once in the moving van.

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West Elm

The great thing about this versatile piece — aside from the fact that it folds — is that you can use it as either a bench, side table, or display spot for plants and decor. We love the bench's modern, slatted design, and you'll also appreciate its sturdy maple wood construction. Place it near the front entryway so you have a place to sit while pulling on your shoes, or keep it in the living room if your coffee table's surface area just isn't cutting it.

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Although it's a bold pick style-wise, the Ardent loveseat is a safe choice for frequent movers because it can be split into two different pieces. On the one hand, this might mean more trips up and down the stairs, but at least the weight will be more manageable. In addition to being small-space-friendly, the loveseat is also available in three pretty velvet upholstery options. Its metal legs, plush pillows, and roomy seating create the perfect blend of retro flair and modern design.

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No room for a wide nightstand? No problem! Wayfair's Alvis table can fit into the tightest of corners to provide that much-needed storage space in the bedroom, living room, and just about everywhere else. AT contributor Ivy owns two of these end tables and loves how they look in her living space. "They’re a great height, too, at about 26″ tall, and there’s a good amount of space on the tray at 14″ long — perfect for a small lamp and a few other items you want to display," she wrote. "Another pro is that each table is just about four pounds, making them even more manageable to set up, move around, and clean around."

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Constantly going from tiny apartment to tiny apartment means you have to get creative with storage space, or the lack thereof. After living in what she called a "shoebox," professional organizer Mary bought this ottoman to corral her out-of-control shoe collection. It can hold up to 12 pairs of footwear thanks to its inner compartments, though she was able to fit as many as 18. "Five years and three moves later, this ottoman is still as useful as the day I brought it home," Mary wrote. "These days, I’m fortunate enough to have a larger apartment with a walk-in closet. Still, the ottoman hasn’t left my side. It holds all of my flip-flops and slides, with room to spare, and sits tucked in a corner of the closet, providing seating if I need it."

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Floyd is known for furniture that's easy to assemble (and disassemble), and this dining table is no exception. It's available in a round or rectangular shape, requires zero tools to put together, and can similarly be taken apart with virtually no effort when moving day arrives. The six-seater also sports wobble-free steel legs, and its minimalist design will fit in with a variety of interior styles.

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After scouring the internet for her dream sofa, deputy lifestyle editor Maddie finally decided on Burrow's Range sectional not only because of how well it fit into her current home, but also because of the moving and styling possibilities it offered. The sofa's changeable modular design gave her peace of mind, as it allows her to change the configuration any time she wants and will prove useful should she ever move. "Eventually, I want to try reconfiguring it ... to make it into a super lounge-y loveseat," she wrote. "But most importantly, this bad boy can change shape to fit seamlessly into my next home, no matter the layout of the room." In other words, this simple but sophisticated sectional is a must for those who like to experiment.

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When it came to choosing a new dresser, SEO commerce editor Sarah had to be mindful of her studio's limited square footage. This narrow, budget-friendly unit was a lucky find, then, as its five roomy drawers offer plenty of storage without compromising the available floor space. "The Cubiker Dresser Storage Organizer is not just a compact find, it’s wallet-friendly, too, coming in at just $60," she noted. "So whether it’s a studio apartment, your child’s bedroom, or another small space in need of some organization, this dresser can help you maximize even the smallest space." And because its drawers fold flat, it's also way easier to lift and move compared to traditional dressers.

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Home Depot

You might hear "folding chair" and think cheap, shoddy, and ugly, but this dining chair duo proves that stackable and collapsible seating can be just as visually appealing as the less practical options. Technically, these seats can be used outdoors, but we think they're perfect for the dining room with their pared-back wooden frames and classy beige padding. And if you need to, you can stow the chairs away once you're done eating to free up space.

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This folding dining table first caught our eye because of how compact it is, and we were also impressed with the added storage space thanks to the two-tier shelving underneath. At its largest, this expandable table can comfortably seat four to six people. After dinner, you can fold it back down, plus it’s chic enough to use as a console table, an entryway table, or as a side table in your living room. Alternatively, leave one leaf up to create a dining table for two or a perfect work-from-home desk. Six wheels on the bottom make it easy to move it from room to room (and beyond).