10 Flameless Candles That’ll Give You the Cozy Home Vibes Without the Worry

published Nov 15, 2023
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LED electric and wax candles stand in the home fireplace
Credit: DoroO / Getty Images

It’s no secret that here at Apartment Therapy, we love candles — like, really love them. Many of us on the team are self-proclaimed candle aficionados, with candle-filled drawers and cabinets to prove it. While we do love enjoying candles au naturel, we’re also fans of candle alternatives. I’ve personally waxed poetic more times than I can count about candle warmer lamps, but there’s another alternative that I (and I suspect many of you) love too: flameless candles.

The Benefits of Flameless Candles

While many candle purists may balk at the idea of introducing a flameless candle into their space, there are many reasons to love them. First and foremost, these candles are much safer than a traditional candle. Aside from the obvious safety features of the flameless design (no forgotten flames or smoke allergies triggered with these candles), many of them also feature a built-in timer, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to blow that candle out before leaving the house or heading to bed. Secondly, the design of flameless candles has majorly improved. Many of them feature updated designs that make these candles look just as good as the real thing! Heck, some even come with fragrance components! In the end, flameless candles are a great choice if you’re looking for the comfort of a candle with none of the danger. That’s why we rounded up 10 of the best flameless candles — from votives and tea lights to candlesticks and more — below. Here’s to creating the ultimate cozy space this fall. 

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1 / 10

For a simple, realistic-looking flameless candle, it’s hard to beat this pick from Simply Collected. It comes in two colors and three sizes, features a real wax design with a realistic 3D flame, and it has a whopping 800+-hour battery life. It's truly a showstopper in every way.

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was $33.37

More of a tealight person? Keep these tiny lights going for a long time with this awesome rechargeable tea light set. It comes with 12 candles, a remote control, and it features a melted-edge design that only adds to its realistic look.

3 / 10

How fancy does this Eywamage flameless candle set look? Coming in a pack of three, each candle is housed in a gorgeous golden glass holder that only adds to the elegance of this candle. Top that with a realistic flicker flame and a timer and it's easy to see why these candles are an Amazon favorite.

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Grandin Road
was $16.50

If color and texture are your thing, we found the best flameless candle for you: Grandin Road’s Flameless Textured Battery Operated Candle. It comes in a bevy of fun colors and features a realistic textured look that makes it look just like your favorite wax votive.

5 / 10

While a lot of flameless candles feature high sides that can hide the flame, this JHY DESIGN set puts it front and center. One of the most realistic sets we’ve come across, this remote-controlled pick comes with three different sized candles, giving variety to your design.

6 / 10

It can be hard to make flameless candlesticks look legit — but this Infinity Wick set from Lights.com knocks it out of the park. It comes with four candlesticks, each with an option for steady light or a realistic flicker. We also love the distressed ivory finish on these beauties.

7 / 10

For many, the best part of a candle is the scent. With this candle from Luminara, you can now get the best of both worlds. This flameless design comes with an internal cartridge holder that releases your scent of choice for a pick that truly makes this feel like you’re burning an actual candle. Each candle comes with three vanilla cartridges and three of your choice between sea mineral, vanilla apple, vanilla pumpkin, white tea, and vanilla.

8 / 10
Pottery Barn

Looking for some outdoor-friendly flameless candles? Whether it's for an outdoor dining space or lighting the path of your yard, this popular pick from Pottery Barn is sure to light up your world. It comes in seven different sizes so you can really customize your setup. And yes, this timer-equipped candle is weatherproof.

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was $35.99

If you need to get your hands on a big set of flameless candles, we recommend this set from Aignis. It comes with a whopping 12 candles (!) of all different sizes and features a remote-controlled design. The best part? It comes in just under $30!

10 / 10
was $34.99

For a particularly whimsical find, we think you’ll love this wand-controlled hanging flameless candlestick set. Each candle comes pre-strung with a sturdy piece of transparent fishing wire so all you need to do is place a battery (AAA) within each candle (you can opt for rechargeable ones to make sure the fun never stops) and hang your light (reviewers shared that they opted for either clear thumbtacks or mounting putty). Once you’ve arranged them to your liking, simply point the wand, click the button, and watch as these candles flicker.