The 9 Best Pillows on Amazon for a Better Night’s Sleep

published Jan 2, 2024
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If there’s one sleep essential no one should be without, it’s a good pillow. Sleeping with a sub-par pillow can lead to improper spinal alignment and neck pain, meaning you’re bound to wake up not feeling your best. Now, it’s not the biggest surprise to hear that the right pillow is the secret to a good night’s sleep, but where should you be shopping? Well, one of the best places to score a top-notch pillow is Amazon. The mega e-tailer is home to dozens of brands, big and small, allowing you to scour everything from big brands like Casper, Tempur-Pedic, and FluffCo to smaller up-and-coming bedding brands all in one place. So, what are the best pillows on Amazon? We rounded up 9 of our favorite picks, including a handful of options that are the go-to of many of us here at Apartment Therapy. Here’s to a better night’s sleep ASAP (because the best part of Amazon is the two-day shipping!)   

Do you have a pillow you scored on Amazon that you swear by? We want to hear all about it! Tell us about your favorite finds in the comments below.

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With over 159,000 five-star reviews (!) the Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows are easily the most popular pillows on Amazon today. Budget-friendly and filled with a cooling poly gel fiber, they're a suitable choice for just about anyone. They also have a perfect height and feel — not too soft, not too firm, and just enough bulk to be comfortable for both side sleepers and stomach sleepers. Plus, reviewers share they hold up over time, and look and feel just as good as when you first get them.

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In the market for a down pillow? What better pick than a Best List winner? The Fluff Co. Down & Feather pillow earned a spot on our Best Pillows for Back Sleepers Best List because it foregoes synthetic materials and instead offers a natural pillow-in-pillow design made of — you guessed it — down and feathers. “I used to be a stomach sleeper, but it was giving me lower back problems, so I was looking for a pillow that would make me comfortable sleeping on my back,” said Rachel, our tester. “This pillow did just the trick!”

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Calling all side sleepers! If you're in the market for a new, affordable pillow set, this one from Fern & Willow is sure to become a fave. It's made with a cooling, premium, gel-infused microfiber down alternative that's great for hot sleepers and anyone looking to go the hypoallergenic route. The set comes with two pillows, each vacuum-sealed and rolled into a stylish box that makes the unboxing process feel like a special treat.

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Another team favorite, if neck pain is your main concern, you’ll want to give the Cushion Lab Ergonomic Cervical Pillow a try. Made by in-house ergonomists to conform to the shape of your head, this pick is “an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive pillow that can help alleviate neck and shoulder pain,” according to AT commerce and branded content social media manager, Brian. This pillow allows the neck to maintain its natural curve to release pressure and allows for a healthier alignment. “Additionally, the breathable cover keeps you cool throughout the night, allowing you to sleep comfortably without waking up sweaty. Overall, the Cushion Lab Ergonomic Cervical Pillow is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality and reduce neck and shoulder pain,” says Brian.

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This next one is a personal favorite. In the past, I’ve never had luck with any of those specially-shaped pillows that promise to "finally" help you sleep better, but this curved pillow from Honeydew has changed all of that. As a dedicated side sleeper, support is vital, and with this pillow, I finally have the support for both my head and shoulders I’ve been looking for. Combine that with a cooling copper gel memory foam fill, and it keeps you cool, too! Needless to say, it’s become my go-to.

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Looking for a hotel-quality pillow that won’t break the bank? Then the Sobel Westex Sobella Pillow is the way to go. This pillow is filled with a hypoallergenic, extra fine, and soft gel fiber that’s perfect for side sleepers, and it’s a nice, lofty pillow to lay your head upon. “This is easily one of my favorite pillows from Sobel Westex,” shared our Best List Editor, Britt. “It’s soft and supportive, and I love that it’s comfortable whether I’m sleeping on my stomach or on my side.” This pillow is also made from 300 thread count and 100 percent cotton, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting experience.

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A favorite of Shopping Editor Blair, Casper's Foam Pillow with Snow Technology is a winner for someone admittedly picky about their pillows. "Sleep experts may balk, but I’m a creature of pillow habit through and through. I’ve tried out some replacements here and there, yet none felt worthy of a swap. That is, until I slept on Casper’s latest version and it completely changed my pillow preferences," she writes. "As part of Casper’s Cooling Collection, it features interior perforations for increased breathability and air circulation. Plus, the pillow has four HeatDelete Bands to help prevent overheating. Just touching the outer layer, you can instantly gauge the coolness and comfort levels — and just wait until you lay your head on it. Night sweats? Not anymore!"

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With the TEMPUR-Symphony Pillow you’ll get the best of both worlds, thanks to its two-in-one design that boasts an arched side for back and stomach sleepers and a flatter side for side sleepers. “This pillow is a hybrid sleeper’s dream!” says AT’s Executive Lifestyle Director, Charli. “I’m a side sleeper who often winds up on my back in the middle of the night. I love that I can flip it over to meet whichever need I have. I have a lot of neck pain at night and this pillow made me forget that was even a thing.” The TEMPUR material is designed to conform to your shape, ensuring a truly personalized sleep experience. Plus, it’s great for hot sleepers, as Charli can attest: “As a hot sleeper, it was also cooling and sleek and easy to swap in and out of a pillowcase. Five stars all around!”

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Our editors found this contoured pillow from Cushion Lab to be the best option for side sleepers, although when testing it, our Best List Editor, Britt, said it was great for every kind of sleeper. "The best thing about the shape of the Deep Sleep Pillow is that it’s contoured for comfort for all types of positions," Britt wrote. "It has high and low neck supports and side-sleeper bolsters that create a cushioned cradle whether I turn to the left or right, as well as ample support when I am on my back."