3 Ways ChatGPT Can Save You Time on Annoying Things

published Mar 5, 2023
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Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, aka ChatGPT, is all over the news, thanks to its controversial nature and fears that it’s coming for our jobs — everyone from teachers to freelance writers (cough, me, cough) are worried that the AI generation tool is going to put them out of business. 

While the tech isn’t quite ready to take over the employment marketplace yet, it is up to the task of helping you with your to-do list. According to Alex Iceman, technologist, entrepreneur, and AI expert with Genium, there are a few jobs ChatGPT is perfect for taking off your plate. 

Understanding ChatGPT

ChatGPT technology is primed to revolutionize the way people interact with computers, explains Iceman. “It’s a cutting-edge AI assistant that uses the latest machine learning algorithms to understand and generate human-like language,” he continues. “With ChatGPT, you can have personalized conversations, get answers to your questions, and even receive helpful recommendations.”

You can interact with ChatGPT through text or voice-based chatbots, or you can install chatbot plugins on popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger or Slack, explains Iceman, who calls it “the future of communication.” 

Plan your next home improvement project.

If you’re trying to get a jump start on a home improvement project you’ve been putting off, but you’re lacking the inspiration to get it done, Iceman says you can put ChatGPT on the case. 

It’s great for DIYers who may have grown tired of cruising Pinterest for inspo or who are looking for more targeted help. 

Get your household budget in order.

Not an investment wiz? No problem. With all of the financial information available on the web, Iceman says you can also use ChatGPT to balance your books and more. “GPT can provide personal finance advice, including budgeting tips and money-saving ideas, or suggest investment opportunities,” he explains.

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Negotiate with your landlord.

Getting the wording right on an important letter, like to your landlord when you want to discuss a change to your rent or some overdo repairs, can be nerve-racking, which is why you might want to employ ChatGPT to get it done. 

Since the program works by using prompts, you can get a customized letter based on your concerns. However, Iceman says you shouldn’t just blindly trust whatever the system churns out for you. “While it is designed to generate human-like responses, it is important to remember that it is still an AI program, and sometimes, it may not understand the nuances of certain situations or cultural differences,” he says. “Therefore, it is important to review the responses generated by ChatGPT before sending them, especially in sensitive or important situations.”

User Beware 

While ChatGPT can be an incredibly useful tool, Iceman says it’s important to be aware of its limitations. “As with any technology, there are potential risks and limitations to using ChatGPT for personal tasks,” he says, adding that in some instances ChatGPT may generate responses that are factually incorrect, or it may provide misleading advice or recommendations. “This is because it relies on the data it has been trained on, which can sometimes be biased or incomplete,” he says. He adds that the upside of AI is that it’s constantly improving, and as “more data is fed into the system” it will become an even more useful tool.