This Multi-Functional Vacuum Is a Total Lifesaver Whenever I’m Too Busy (or Tired) to Clean My Floors

published Jan 22, 2023
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It felt like just yesterday that I was toasting to a brand new year, but it’s already almost the end of January. I feel like I’ve got so much to do and so little time that I’m often catching up on a lot of things. One key thing I wish I could attend to more often is cleaning my floors because as a dog mom, pet hair accumulates daily. That’s why convenience in cleaning can be crucial and why I’ve come to really appreciate the help of this little yet life-changing device: a robot vacuum. It is an investment for sure, but I truly believe anyone can benefit from the assistance it provides regularly, especially after a long week. I’ve been testing out Bissell’s latest cleaning innovation, the SpinWave R5, which they sent to me, and it’s made such a difference in my day-to-day cleaning routine

A little background about the device: it offers two-in-one cleaning with vacuuming and mopping capabilities, and can even do both at the same time (when in mop mode). It features home mapping and 360-degree LiDAR technology, controlled through the app so that you can customize how, where, and when you clean. It’s available for purchase directly on the Bissell website, on Amazon, or on Best Buy. When I first heard about it, I was intrigued. Mop and vacuum, all in one? That completes two tasks without me having to lift a finger really (other than to press a button or change out a bin).

The SpinWave R5 arrived and fit perfectly in a little nook in my living room. When setting up, be sure to keep the docking tray firmly against a wall with no obstructions. I got started right away on syncing it up with the app and mapping out my home. Once the mapping was complete, I let it go for a run on vacuum mode to see how it works. 

For a vacuum cleaner, it’s surprisingly quiet — and I really like that. Plus, watching it seamlessly work around awkward spaces was extremely satisfying. For instance, it got under my dog’s elevated food and water bowl in the kitchen. It’s a very small space and yet it got in and out with no error issues (despite a mat being there!).

Credit: Stephanie Nguyen

I switched to the mop mode, which is where the real magic happens, specifically the two-in-one cleaning action I talked about. You fill up the mop insert with water and the formula (they provide a small trial-size one, but you can purchase a larger one later) before swapping out the vacuum bin for the mop one. I let the little robot go to work and watched as it not only mopped, but picked up debris, too. I enjoyed seeing it avoid the area rug under my dining table since it has a soft surface avoidance sensor. Once it’s done, you take off the mop pads and machine wash them, and empty the small dirt bin. 

One thing I didn’t get to try yet is the spot-cleaning function, which can be used for areas that might need a little more attention. Simply wipe up the mess, add the formula directly to the spot, and then place your robot in the center of the area that needs cleaning. From there, you can select “spot mode” on the app or click the “play/pause” button manually on the robot to activate it. It will then clean the area in a square pattern (approximately 40 inches by 40 inches) for five minutes, beeping when done. 

robot vacuum alone is a pricey purchase, but it can be worthy investment and addition to your cleaning arsenal. First and foremost, it gets your space clean and does it consistently. You can say goodbye to clumps of fur and hair — fellow pet parents rejoice! — and piles of dust and dirt in every corner, as the robot vacuum will roll through and take care of everything. And lastly, all this regular maintenance will free you up to do other things (which is key when life gets busy!).

But a robot vacuum that vacuums and mops is an even better purchase, in my opinion. And while it does cost more than a normal robot vacuum, when you really think about it, you are getting two devices in an already stellar cleaning buy. It combines the powerful suction and wet mop functions all in one machine. You get the best of both worlds, you know? No more lugging a standard broom and mop around or chasing after your robot vacuum with a mop. It’s the true definition of convenience in cleaning. In terms of what’s available on the market, there are quite a few options out there, such as this Roborock or Shark one, to consider too.

This one from Bissell has been my go-to cleaner these last few months. I decided to set up a regular cleaning schedule of three times a week for vacuuming and then switch to mopping about once a week or so. When I was in the thick of deadlines and holidays, I didn’t feel so bad not being able to do a deep clean because this helped keep a routine cleaning in line. It’s tools like these that are truly beneficial for my overall well-being because it helps lighten the load when times get a little hectic. I also appreciate Bissell’s mission statement. As a proud dog mom, I love the pet-centric aspect of the company and how every purchase benefits a dog in need.