I Tried This $0 Hack to Clean Under the Bed, and Now I Want to Use It in Every Room

published Jun 24, 2024
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I’ve learned never to skip a popular CleanTok video. Algorithm willing, I come out with a best-kept secret within 30 seconds of watch time. My latest light bulb moment is from a TikTok that starts with the creator saying, “Here’s something I wish I knew before I was in my 30s.” I’m a sucker for an earnest self-help hook.

Sidney Raz (@sidneyraz) introduces the star of the video, a hair dryer, and reveals that the beauty appliance can clear out underbed dust in a matter of seconds. (Can a vacuum do the job? In short: Yes. But is it more of a difficult effort that likely involves an unreachable spot or two? Also yes.) The creator didn’t show the final results, and my curiosity was successfully piqued. So, I broke out my trusty Conair to try it out myself.

My bed has built-in drawers at the base and sits on carpet, so I had to outsource a test site. Luckily, in the spirit of true investigative journalism, one of my friends opened up her bedroom for the experiment. She has an elevated bed frame and dark wood floors that contrast against unwelcome debris. She also has long hair and lives with a cat who inevitably trails litter and clouds of fluff around the house. In other words, it was the perfect situation.

Credit: Emma Kumagawa

I suggest proactively turning on an air purifier before the particle frenzy occurs. Make sure the other side of the bed is ready to receive any dust bunnies that may come flying out and have a small dustpan or vacuum on hand to collect them.

The setup was simple. There was no issue finding an outlet, and no items were stored beneath the bed. I turned the hair dryer on and set it to “high” and “cold.” The air immediately blasted dust bunnies out the other side. After a few slower sweeps back and forth, the majority of the litter was pushed away as well. It took about 10 seconds in total. 

Credit: Emma Kumagawa

There was no way a standard handheld vacuum could achieve the same results in that time. All of the dust blew into one corner of the room, so all I had to do was complete the job with a dustpan. “Wow, that was way faster than I even expected,” my friend said. 

The beauty of this hack lies in its instant results. If you cannot remember the last time you cleaned under your bed, I’d suggest vacuuming what you can first and then blow-drying out the remnants. (I don’t see a reason to trigger an unnecessary allergy attack.) 

Credit: Emma Kumagawa

Many of TikTok video’s comments are from leaf blower enthusiasts and a sprinkling of Roomba owners. To the former, I argue that the intensity of an outdoor leaf blower may not always be needed, plus, it’s much easier to grab a hair dryer from the bathroom. If you happen to have a Roomba that can fit under your bed, then you probably don’t have a great need for this hack — but it’s always convenient to have a creative dust-removal option in your back pocket.

Of course, you can also try out this trick in other areas of the house. It’s perfect for hitting the small gaps beneath couches, dressers, fridges, ovens, and other furniture fixtures. If you’re a pet owner, a hair dryer might be the simple solution to unearthing lost and long-forgotten toys. Perhaps you want to quickly clear the dirt from window sills or radiators. Whatever the case, a hair dryer may be the most money- and time-saving solution.