This $34 Organizer Has Freed Up So Much Sink Space — And Looks Good Doing It

published Jun 30, 2022
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Credit: Carina Romano

Since my apartment opens up directly into the kitchen, I’ve gone to great lengths to make sure it always looks presentable — whether that means meticulously styling my countertops or stocking up on pretty hand soaps. And speaking of the latter, my sink is actually guests’ very first POV, making it a not-so-glamorous entry point that’s warranted extra design TLC.

Given the compactness of the spot, though, that’s not always a feasible approach. Thanks to my dish rack, I pretty much lack any surrounding counter space, so my only viable sink-side “storage” spot is the barely-there area behind the faucet. That’s where I stash my hand soap, dish soap, and a paper towel roll in the opposite corner, plus I have an in-sink organizer for a dish sponge and brush. I can’t complain with my current setup, but I recently got my hands on a staple that’s magically condensed all my sink clutter while managing to take up as little room as possible — and I only wish I’d known about it sooner.

Brabantia, the brand most well-known for their sleek, minimalist trash cans (among many other pretty-meets-practical home must-haves), has come to my rescue with their space-saving sink organizer. Clocking in at just 3.4 inches deep and 7.4 inches across, the fixture is basically the stylish, double-duty dishwashing caddy of my dreams. In fact, the term “caddy” honestly feels like somewhat of a disservice. Why, you may ask? For starters, this set comes with a removable soap dispenser, which you can align however you want within the organizer itself. It’s incredibly easy to fill (and re-fill) with your go-to hand or dish soap, plus the pump itself is designed to stay drip-free.

And despite its small size, the remaining portion of the organizer actually has SO much space. I’ve been able to ditch my in-sink storage altogether, consolidating all my kitchen tools into just this one Brabantia essential. That’s right, after adding my favorite hand soap to the dispenser, I can also fit a bottle of dish soap, sponge, and brush… with room to spare, no less. Much to my surprise, too, it’s narrow enough to perfectly tuck behind my faucet without obstructing the knobs.

Credit: Wayfair

As with any sink-adjacent product, icky water damage is always a realistic concern. Here, though, this kitchen game-changer has a genius solve: built-in drainage holes and a removable base tray. Should any excess H2O start to accumulate, simply separate the bottom portion, clean it out, and voilà. Considering its easy-to-maintain setup, this has definite keep-for-years counter potential.

To that note, the Brabantia sink organizer set is currently available via Wayfair for $33.99 — admittedly a bit splurgy for kitchen decor, yes, but arguably worth it when you factor the practicality, smart design, and overall simple aesthetic. Not to mention, the classic grey hue can pair nicely with any kitchen style. Take my word for it, this organizer is the unsung clutter-clearing hero I never knew my sink had been missing all this time.