14 Brick Wall Bedrooms That Will Make You Swoon 

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Credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion

There are two words that always make me pause with joy when I’m looking at an apartment or house listing: exposed brick. I mean, who doesn’t love it? It adds so much texture and character to a home, and it requires zero maintenance. 

While exposed brick can work in any space, a bedroom with a brick wall can be especially inviting. If you have a brick wall bedroom or want to create a faux brick wall in your home, you may be wondering how to style it. These 14 brick wall bedroom ideas will give you a wide range of options to choose from, whether you’re into minimalism, maximalism, or something in between.

Credit: Carina Romano

1. A Minimalist Hideaway

The owners of this South Philadelphia home let the exposed brick wall in their bedroom shine amidst bright white walls, ceilings, and bedding atop a simple black metal bed. The room also features a wooden bench, a black and white art piece, a corner plant, a small lamp, a single nightstand, a metallic star garland, and nothing else, making the exposed brick wall the true focal point of the room.

2. A Scandi Escape

Cozy meets classic in the brick wall bedroom of this homey Montreal nest. The owners of this apartment stick with the red and brown tone that their brick accent wall sets by adding a wooden bed, a chair-turned-nightstand, and framed piece of art. The bedroom also features fire engine-red blinds and paint on the window frame, providing a stark contrast against the otherwise white walls and bedding.

Credit: Erin Derby

3. A Blue Garden

The cool blue bedspread, curtain, and rug in the bedroom of this plant-filled NYC apartment offset its classic red brick wall. This renter also adds some soft textures to the room with leafy plants that line the wall, windowsill, and bedside shelf.

4. A Colonial Corner

The brick wall bedroom in this stylish New Orleans rental is an eclectic mix of earthy textures and mid-century modern accents. Its brick wall features a window with wooden shutters for a unique architectural twist. Plus, this renter added a low-profile vanity, a retro blue accent chair, a brass lamp, linen bedding, and several plants, creating a thoughtful, lived-in setting.

Credit: Erin Derby

5. A Light-Filled Nook

Even a small area with an exposed brick wall can become a cozy sleeping space. The renter of this 400-square-foot Brooklyn apartment turned his bed sideways so it’s facing the brick accent wall in his bedroom. He also added simple striped bedding, a semi-sheer gray curtain, a small plant, framed artwork, and a classic dresser with a tray on top of it, taking a less-is-more approach to styling the room.

Credit: Carina Romano

6. Shape Shifter 

The bedroom in this Philadelphia loft lets its brick accent wall take center stage with its simple wooden bed frame, white bedding, white walls, and beige carpet. Its only accents come in the form of a small palm leaf throw pillow, a geometric art piece, and a round brown rug, which add some visual elements to the room but don’t take away from the classic red brick wall that makes it so unique.

7. Bold and Bright

This fashion-forward Brooklyn apartment demonstrates that an exposed brick bedroom doesn’t have to be full of whites and neutrals. The bedroom features a bright striped accent chair and throw blanket, a geometric dresser, and plenty of fun artwork that adds a personal touch to the space.

8. Warm Maximalism 

The brick wall bedroom belonging to this eclectic Montreal apartment doesn’t shy away from prints or color. It features light blue bedding, quirky throw pillows, and a zebra throw. These renters have also added colorful artwork, a large plant, a patterned footstool acting as a plant stand, and a small bedside lamp to the mix. The room is maximalist but balanced, allowing its non-descript furniture to serve as a backdrop for its enthusiastic decor.

9. Pink Paradise

While there are some colors that look amazing with exposed brick, pink might not be the most obvious choice for styling a red brick wall bedroom. Still, the owners of this colorful Australian home make pink the focal point of their guest bedroom, and it works. The bedroom features bedding, throw pillows, planters, and artwork in a range of pink hues, but it’s grounded by a rattan corner shelf, plant stand, and basket, plus wood paneling on the back wall.

10. An Antique Sanctuary

One couple runs with the old-world theme of their cozy Hell’s Kitchen apartment. They add even more charm and a bit of eccentricity to their brick wall bedroom with a blue floral bedspread, fur throw, dragon chandelier (yes, we said dragon), round mirror, and vintage-inspired dresser and decor items.

11. Rustic in New Orleans 

Brick doesn’t always have to be a classic red color, as the bedroom in this New Orleans cottage shows. The owners of this historic home bring the past into the present with faded brick, exposed beams, antique furniture, and vintage-inspired artwork.

12. A Grayscale Studio

This big Brooklyn studio is full of beautiful gray brick walls, and its bedroom corner is no exception. The occupants of the rental complement the gray brick with a white and gray bed and set of nightstands, then add pops of color with bold red artwork and two hanging plants. They’ve also hung string lights in an arc framing the bed, offsetting the area from the rest of the apartment and adding a glow to an otherwise muted wall.

Credit: Anna Spaller

13. A White and Gold Nook 

If red isn’t your thing, you can paint over your exposed brick walls to make them look like the one featured in the bedroom of this dreamy Alexandria, Virginia, home. The room continues the theme with a white headboard, floral light fixture, and pair of nightstands plus cream walls, bedding, and curtains. But it offsets these neutral hues with gold paint on the window frame, gold throw pillows, and brass vases. This adds warmth and personality to an otherwise classic bedroom.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

14. An Airy Oasis

The only thing that’s better than a brick wall is a brick wall that contains a fireplace. The bedroom in this minimalist Brooklyn brownstone has a brick fireplace and accent wall, which the renters painted white. The bedroom also includes an ornate vintage mirror, plenty of leafy plants, white bedding, white curtains, a red patterned antique rug, and a small collection of books contained by two wooden crates the renters found at a flea market. The space is simultaneously weightless and grounded, making it the perfect place to get some peace and quiet.