This Plush Pillow That Made Our Best List Is So Soft, It’s Like Sleeping on Air

published Oct 19, 2022
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Credit: Erin Derby

Inching toward the coziest months of the year is a fine reason to take a look at your bedding and see what will be powering through the cold weather with you. In my opinion, it’s not only about what will keep you warm but also what you’re going to love to snuggle up with through the long nights of fall and winter. I’ve been a big fan of Brooklinen for a while now, and they’ve got a great selection of year-round bedding from soft flannel sheets and a relaxing weighted blanket to a down alternative comforter I keep on my bed as much as possible. They’ve even branched out into home fragrances, which have given my home an overall comfortable vibe that I love to settle into at the end of a tiring day. Besides sheets, comforters, and candles, Brooklinen also has some really awesome pillows. I’ve tried and loved the Marlow Pillow, however, another that’s made a cozy space on my bed is their Down Pillow.

Brooklinen’s Down Pillow has earned a spot on Apartment Therapy’s Best List in consecutive years, including the latest Best Pillows for Every Type of Sleeper as the editors’ pick for the best stomach sleeper pillow. Its outer shell is made from 100-percent cotton sateen, which improves its breathability so you don’t overheat. The fill depends on your preferred feel since the pillow is available in Plush, Mid-Plush, and Firm. I use the Plush pillow, which is full of down clusters that give the pillow an ultra-soft, marshmallowy fullness that you can’t help but nestle into as you relax. The Mid-Plush and Firm pillows, on the other hand, are stuffed with clusters of down and feathers that add support while maintaining their softness. Firm is the recommending pillow for side sleepers, and Mid-Plush is a versatile pick that’s suitable for any sleeper.

Because I change positions in the middle of the night, typically turning from my stomach to my side, I love that the Down Pillow retains its shape even after being squished or manhandled. I’ve had it for over a year now, and it’s just as plush as ever. Just remember to give it a fluff every now and then, and it’ll continue to look as good as new. The pillow is also very durable thanks to its double-stitched edges, so a good fluffing here and there won’t hurt it. The pillow is available as an individual piece, but you’ll save on it with a bundle of two or four. I highly recommend stocking up to make your bedroom (or bedrooms) as comfortable as possible ahead of the winter. Because hibernating through the cold months isn’t an option, the next best thing is making your home as cozier than ever.