11 Timeless Bungalow-Style Homes You’ll Want to Move to ASAP

published Oct 30, 2023
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Credit: Minette Hand

When envisioning a bungalow-style home, what comes to mind? Is it big front porches, open floor plans, sloped roofs, and timeless charm? If so, you’re spot-on. These usually one-story homes became popular in the United States between the 1900s and 1930s, and have remained a house-style favorite. 

Lots of charming architectural details can be found in bungalow-style homes. “My favorite parts of bungalows are the built-in shelves and cabinets, original hardwood floors, interesting fireplace surrounds, and, often, a nice front porch,” Christina Dikas, an associate principal and senior architectural historian with Page & Turnbull, tells Apartment Therapy.

Because of the popularity of bungalow-style homes, it’s no surprise that there are some who jump at the chance to own one — even if it means renovating or reimagining the home. And even though the exterior of these house types have similar shapes and qualities, the interiors can be one-of-a-kind. 

For example, there’s a Barbiecore-inspired bungalow in England, a once-termite-infested-shack-and-now-retro house in Australia, or a more traditional mid-century modern space in Chicago. 

These 11 bungalows in different parts of the world showcase the limitless design possibilities for bungalow lovers, fans, and owners. They’re proof that you can take a classic architectural style and make it your own with a little creativity. 

Credit: Helen Ainley

1. “Barbiecore” Meets “Polly Pocket” in This English Bungalow

When Helen Ainley and her husband moved into this two-bedroom bungalow in Yorkshire, England, the pair quickly regretted their decision. Damp, black mold covered the home’s interior and posed a renovation challenge — but the couple took it in stride and turned the space into a colorful, whimsical oasis. 

Explore the pastel-infused home in the full house tour

Credit: Minette Hand

2. Neighbors Got Involved in This Bungalow’s Renovation

When Adam Jones moved into his 1930s East Austin, Texas, bungalow, it was in desperate need of updating. At first, he spent months DIY repairing so that he and his son could move in safely. However, when Amenity Applewhite moved in, they started on a full-scale DIY renovation. The community cared so much about the home and their family that they pitched in, too. 

Visit the full house tour to see the stunning result of their transformation.

3. A Breezy Beach Bungalow Is the Epitome of Charm

Carley Knobloch and her husband, Mike, realized that they were lingering around Malibu restaurants and the beach for longer visits — it was then that they decided to purchase a charming, breezy bungalow. Carley and Mike work long hours during the week, so this special weekend home has become a retreat. “I swear my blood pressure drops the minute I open the car door,” Carley said at the time of the house tour. 

Feel the calming effects of this beachy bungalow in the full house tour.

Credit: Michael D Wilkerson

4. A Malibu Bungalow’s Interior Is a Love Letter to Wood Paneling

This 600-square-foot bungalow in Malibu is an ode to beautiful wood paneling. When couple Amy Roberts and Jason Osni moved into the home, they ensured they aligned with their design goals. She’s a Scandinavian design fan, while he’s a surfer and wanted to display his surf memorabilia and photograph collection. The result is a perfect blend of their styles; it emphasizes organic textures. 

See more of their organic modern home in the full house tour.

5. This Barbiecore Bungalow Is a Maximalist’s Dream

When you think of a traditional bungalow, you might imagine deep hues or dark wood, but this Austin, Texas, home is anything but traditional. Since moving into the rental property in 2020, Ashley Martin has transformed it into a bright, bubbly, Barbiecore space. 

Tour this vibrant home in the full house tour.

6. A Cool California Bungalow Blends Maximalist and Eclectic Vibes

It was a long, exhausting journey for Jessica Kane and her partner, Justin Lehmann, to find their dream home. Luckily, when they saw this three-bedroom bungalow in Venice, California, they moved quickly — and got it. Since moving in, they’ve transformed it into an uber-cool, eclectic, and maximalist space that can grow with them into early parenthood. 

Take a more in-depth look at this gorgeous bungalow in the full house tour.

Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

7. This Once-Termite-Damaged Shack Became a Gorgeous Bungalow

When Annie Price and Jamie Paterson first toured a termite-damaged, run-down shack in Flinders, Australia, it’s fair to assume they were simply going to demolish it and build something new. However, they saw the potential of the space — and took a chance on renovating it instead. It’s a good thing they trusted their guts; the updated space is colorful, retro-infused, and exudes warmth. 

Visit the full house tour to explore more of the vibrant space.

Credit: Kate Richards

8. 13 Animals Happily Live in This California Bungalow

When Kate Richards of Drinking with Chickens and her husband bought this bungalow in 2008, they quickly discovered that the home had no reinforced beams and needed to be rebuilt. But, after reimagining their home (and ensuring it was structurally sound), they’ve created a colorful, farmhouse-inspired home that’s the perfect spot for their 13 animals. 

See where the 13 animals and two humans live comfortably and happily in the full house tour.

Credit: Andrew McMahon

9. A Musician’s Home Is a Quintessential Californian Bungalow

The design goal of Kelly, Celia, and Andrew McMahon’s California bungalow was to make it like a retreat when they arrived home. Most people want their space to feel like an oasis, an escape from the bustling outside world, but Andrew’s a traveling musician (his wife and daughter tour with him), so this was an imperative objective. The result? A maximalist and modern blend that’s the epitome of relaxed California style. 

Explore more of this relaxed oasis in the full house tour

10. A Mid-Century Modern Bungalow Is Filled with Vintage Furniture

When Amy was designing her bungalow in the Irving Park neighborhood in Chicago, she drew inspiration from her travels, flea markets, friends, magazines, and blogs. “No one place,” Amy said of her design ethos at the time of her house tour. “I want my house to be eclectic and random.” Since moving in, she’s created a mid-century modern, transitional home that reflects a full life of adventures. 

Visit the full house tour to learn more about this gorgeous bungalow.

11. This Dreamy, Sun-Drenched Austin Bungalow Is the Perfect Gathering Place

One of Tiffany and Alan Goldstein’s favorite aspects about their eclectic bungalow in Austin, Texas, are the large windows that allow natural light to pour in. “Good fenestration (Alan took an architecture class once upon a time) can be easily overlooked,” Tiffany wrote at the time of the house tour. “We get so much wonderful natural lighting and there’s really nothing like cracking open the windows on a crisp fall day.”

Visit the full house tour to see their sunny space.