7 Style-Conscious Ways To Make The Most Out Of Bunk Beds

published Jul 4, 2019
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Credit: Emma Fiala

Bunk beds usually bring to mind summer camps or crowded kids’ rooms, but there are stylish ways to set up the space-saving beds that will add to—and not take away from—the space. You can treat them like loft beds to double the space in the room for extra things, like a play area or a mini work station, or you can also stack the beds in ingenious ways to make the room look chic, rather than overcrowded. Check out even more options below, and see which one makes the most sense for your own home

Add in a Play Nook

Even seemingly unworkable spaces are hackable. If your child has a tiny room, a bunk bed is a great way to double your space. Rather than having a bulky bed take up half the room, you can raise the twin bed and have a little lounge area underneath where your little one(s) can do everything from read on pillows to play with toys. 

Create a Play House

Whether you have two kids that need to share a room or you just want to increase the square footage that your child can play in, transforming the top bunk into a tree house is an ace move. It will take on the form of a secret clubhouse, which is especially amazing if you live in an apartment. No backyard necessary!

Stack Them Perpendicularly

If you want to wedge out more space in the room or just want to create some visual interest, stacking bunk beds perpendicularly is a fun design move. This way, you can add a small nightstand by the bottom bunk, and both beds are snug against the wall so they don’t take up too much real estate. This styling also helps make the beds feel airier, since the bottom one isn’t completely shadowed by the top one.

Create a Working Station

Teens might think that having a bunk bed is reserved for little kids, but as these loft beds show, that’s anything but true. Loft beds also create the option to install working stations underneath without making the room feel overly cluttered. By having the beds hover just above the desks, the rest of the room is left open.

Make a Storage Nook

No matter how big your house is, you always need more space. These lower-to-the-ground beds are great for parents who are nervous about having their kids climb up and down ladders, but are elevated just enough to carve out some extra storage space underneath. 

Make a Personal Area

Every kid needs their own private spot where they can go curl up and think, and this KURA bunk bed from IKEA lets them do just that. By putting a curtain over the bottom bunk, you can make a personal nook for your little one to hang out and be alone. Plus, it’s also a great spot to shove away any messy toys or clothes if unexpected company comes over! 

Don’t Be Afraid to Smoosh More Together

Small living can feel nearly impossible if you have a family of five, but it turns out that you can easily store three beds in one room without it feeling claustrophobic. The trick is bunk beds. Here, Maggie DIY’ed two top bunks near the ceiling, stuck a bottom bunk perpendicularly underneath, and still had enough room to carve out a play nook in the corner!