This Company Will Turn Your Old Birthday Cards into a Book

published Jul 5, 2023
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Receiving handwritten cards for birthdays, anniversaries, or any celebration is a lost art, so it’s incredibly heartwarming when a loved one gives you a card for a special occasion. But where do those cards go once they’ve been read? An old shoebox or drawer is usually the answer, but others frame and display them as an art piece. What if there was a way to consolidate all of your cards into one item? Thanks to one company, that’s now a possibility.

Cards by Artkive transforms your collection of birthday and holiday cards into a hardcover book, which can be a memorable keepsake or gift for $99. If you’re curious about the inside design of the book, one side of the page captures the card’s cover, while the opposite page shows the inside of the card.

Although Cards by Artkive suggested that 30-somethings would benefit from this book, it’s a treat for all ages. The process is simple: After ordering a box from the company, add your cards to the box and ship it back to them. An estimated 50 to 60 cards can fit in the box, and a professional photographer will digitally capture the card’s front and back. Prior to confirming your order, you’ll be able see the images, arrange them to your liking, and add captions. And if you’d like your cards back, they’ll also send them with the book.

According to the comment section, it seems like the book will be a success for those who treasure their sentimental cards (plus you can toss that slightly dented shoebox that they’ve been stored in). One commenter said: “BRILLIANT!!!! How did you know I have an OVERFLOWING box of sentimental cards in my closet right now?!” Meanwhile, others asked about wedding cards and invitations. “Where was this after my wedding!”

In the comment section, Cards by Artkive confirmed that they can create a book specifically for wedding cards (which will be launching soon on their website), or something more unconventional like notes from students or recipe cards.

Once they receive your box full of cards, it’ll take approximately four to six weeks to receive the book proof, and after approving it, you’ll receive the book in one to two weeks. Now that you’ve had an opportunity to combine your cards into one item, you can place an order with Cards by Artkive on their website.