These $36 Compact-Yet-Spacious Amazon Organizers Are the (Stylish!) Unsung Heroes of My Closet

updated Sep 4, 2023
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My apartment is a definite New York City anomaly: I have not one, but two full-sized closets in the bedroom alone. Fittingly, I also have a lot of stuff. Like, both-closets-filled-to-the-brim-plus-I-still-need-under-bed-storage level of stuff. It’s mostly clothes but, as a home shopping editor, I’ve also accumulated more bedding and sheet sets than I know what to do with (no complaints, though!), to the point where, recently, I’d completely run out of places to put them.

Because my IKEA under-bed baskets had reached maximum capacity, I needed a backup storage spot. Luckily, the bigger of my two closets has a shelf running above the entirety of the clothing rack, although it’s only about a foot wide. I honestly struggled to find the right-sized bins or containers that were tall and sizable yet not super deep, until I came across Amazon’s set of three canvas closet organizers from CHICVIE (which are 10 percent off right now!).

Positioned sideways, this set of three top-rated canvas boxes fits perfectly on my closet shelf, with just a tiny bit of overhang. They’re also compact enough to stow under a bed or on the closet floor, but don’t be fooled by the sizing — these are deceptively spacious. It’s practically paradoxical how little room they seem to take up while fitting so much. Initially, I consolidated all my bedding stragglers into just one container and probably could have added in even more. These are collapsible, which means that they’re easy to store when not in use, but you do have to pack them pretty full to maintain their shape.

That said, all three work well stacked on top of each other, or as standalone organizers. And looks-wise, they make my closet feel fully Marie Kondo-approved, but they’re also arguably minimalist enough to also leave out in the open, like tucked underneath a clothing rack in your bedroom. Which, even though I used mine for bedding, these canvas organizers have out-of-season clothing storage written all over them, too. The 75-liter capacity can hold up to 35 pieces of apparel, according to the Amazon listing, as well as the equivalent of three king-sized comforters or six blankets.

Credit: Amazon

However you use them, each bin includes a small transparent window to quickly visualize what’s inside. Personally, I don’t always love the look of this when it comes to storage containers, but it’s only on one corner so you can rotate accordingly. Built-in handles attached to three of the four sides also allow you to access the bins from any alignment. Oh, and rest assured that the (surprisingly durable-feeling) outer canvas — made from 90 percent cotton and 10 percent polyester — combined with the waterproof laminate interior help safely protect your blankets, extra towels, winter sweaters, and more. In fact, I’d say the quality of the boxes themselves sets them apart from flimsier plastic or polyester counterparts above all else.

Note that Amazon lists a few different dimensions (not sure why), but after measuring I can confirm that the 12.01 inches high, 22.44 inches long, and 16.73 inches wide numbers shown in one of the product images are correct. That’s also while completely full, so there’s some flexibility if you do need to accommodate a shorter or tighter space — just avoid packing all the way to the top and they’ll compress accordingly. As you start to swap out seasonal clothes and blankets, consider CHICVIE’s versatile storage bags as one of the most stylish, long-lasting, and editor-approved organizing upgrades you’ll have for years to come. What’s more, you can snag them right now at 10 percent off (there’s a coupon that you can apply at checkout) — just in time for fall!