10 Editor-Approved Sweater Storage Solutions to Get Your Closet Prepped for Summer

published Apr 17, 2023
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Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

The nice thing about spring cleaning is that unlike other seasonal tasks, such as putting up Christmas decorations, there isn’t a hard and fast deadline. You can aim to put all your winter sweaters away by the time the days become consistently warmer, but if it doesn’t happen, no big deal — you can finish moving things into and out of storage whenever you want. Even wrapping up your spring cleaning at the start of summer is perfectly acceptable.

Getting the right tools certainly helps you tackle your seasonal clothing storage on schedule, and we have some favorite bins and bags for getting that job done. Whether you need organizational assistance in your closet, under your bed, or just somewhere in your bedroom that makes sense, these storage bins will create convenient storage places for all your clothes — and they’ll look pretty nice while doing so. Some of them cost as little as $10, too, so you don’t have to spend a lot to get your home in order.

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Our senior commerce editor Alicia has been using these jumbo plastic storage bags for a decade and they're still helping her keep all her seasonal clothing and bedding organized and accessible. Alicia appreciates that these bags conform to the spaces she needs to fit them in, which is why she's used them for so long. "The reason that I think these storage totes lasted so long is because they are flexible," she wrote. "The way I used these totes changed from apartment to apartment… They also fold nearly flat, so when they aren’t in use, they’re easy to hide out of sight."

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Maximize your closet space with this hanging organizer that's divided up into mini shelves, each one tall enough to hold one sweater, towel, or pair of pants. While you can find other hanging organizers that have taller shelves, the short shelf design here is actually preferable because you don't end up with stacks of clothes that you have to dig through later. Everything you want is easily accessible and remains neat once you put it away.

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The Container Store

When you don't have the space or need bins, a simple divider like this one from The Container Store can be a big help. You can clip this onto any shelf and give your clothing piles some structure so they have an easier time staying in order. Plus, this device has a small knob on the front for a clothes hanger, so you get two kinds of storage in one.

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was $29.99

We prefer these zippered storage containers over others because they have see-through windows that let you know exactly what's inside without having to open them and dig around. They're quite spacious and durable, so you can cram them in closets or up on shelves and they'll keep all your clothes safe. Plus, they have over 51,000 5-star ratings from Amazon shoppers.

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The Container Store

These clear plastic under-bed boxes are a must-have because they offer tons of room for sweaters, blankets, and jackets, and keep everything out of sight. That's exactly what you want in a seasonal storage device: something that's easy to access when you want it (because these have wheels), but out of the way when you don't.

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The Container Store

These drop-front storage boxes are the rare kind of storage upgrade that adds utility while also making your closet look more stylish. The doors stay closed using magnets and can be turned sideways, too, so you can also use them to store boots, handbags, and other tall items.

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was $31.99

The best thing about these stackable and collapsible storage bins is that they have a zippered plastic window, so you can both see what's inside and grab it without having to take down the entire container. Our Best List editor Britt got some and found that they completely changed her closet for the better. "After I packed the bins, I got at least 60 percent of my closet space back," she wrote.

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This lidded storage container can hold a generous amount of clothes and has a convenient transparent window so you can see what's inside. It's a good size for adding a single (or a few) storage pieces to your closet, and the large handle on the side makes sure it's always easy to reach.

9 / 10

If you need to keep your clothing storage out in the open and want it to complement your bedroom's decor, get one of these felted storage boxes. They come in two colors — light or dark gray — and have easily removable lids so you can access their contents at any time. These look so nice, you probably won't even want to hide them under your bed.

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Pattern Brands

These chic and durable zippered bins are the nicest-looking clothing storage solution we've ever seen — plus, you can stack them on top of each other and zip them together so they won't topple over. Britt was pleased with how well these decluttered her bedroom and found their material helped keep her clothes smelling fresh even after a long stint in storage. "Another reason that I can’t stop raving about these Open Spaces’ Underbed Storage containers is that they’re completely closed but still breathable (a must for clothing), thanks to the natural canvas material," she wrote.