15 Creative Garland Ideas to Spruce Up Every Room in Your Home

published Nov 25, 2023
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Subtle green garland on wooden bed frame headboard

A beautiful garland can instantly bring the holiday spirit into your home — and you can add it almost anywhere. You can get creative with classic green boughs in unexpected places or opt for more unique strands. Don’t underestimate the power of an unassuming piece of ribbon or perfectly placed dried fruit to spark seasonal joy.

Whether you want a cozy Scandinavian bedroom aesthetic, a modern holiday look in your living space, or anything in between (even in the bathroom!), you can achieve your desired holiday vibe with just the right garland design. Treat every room as a canvas for cheer with these 15 Christmas garland ideas. 

1. Organic on Open Shelves

Mix different wood garlands to subtly incorporate a natural texture into your decor. Higgs juxtaposed a Tinkertoy wheel garland with an elegant wood tassel garland on her open shelves. It’s a quick, understated way to introduce whimsy to your space.

2. Kitchen Window Dressing

The kitchen is a holiday hub. Marianne Simon framed her window with a fresh cedar garland dotted with dehydrated orange slices to further boost that spirit. It adds a bright, festive touch to a room with plenty of use this time of year.

3. Kitchen Island Runner

A garland doesn’t only have to be pine or spruce. Christine Higgs of For The Home draped a fresh eucalyptus garland along the length of her central counter and accented it with brass candle holders, adding warmth to the heart of the home. Plus, the kitchen will smell great even when you’re not baking up a storm.

4. Subtle Bedroom Strand

Head to dreamland with a reminder of the festive season when you wrap green garland around your headboard like Farah Prochaska did for her IKEA frame. Real or faux is up to you, but if you’re prone to sniffles, you might opt for a fake strand of garland that brings all the seasonality without the seasonal allergies.

5. Bathroom Boughs

Add holiday cheer to an unexpected space when you drape faux garland over your bathroom mirror. Sarah Jane Christy showcased the idea in her lifestyle blog, and she zhuzhed it up with a silver beaded garland and a tree figurine. You could use real garland to add a natural seasonal fragrance.

6. Ribbons and Beads on the Tree

Ashley Broviak showcased on Little Glass Jar how she alternated cascades of red chiffon ribbon and a white beaded garland to elevate classic tree decorations. The contrasting hues and textures work harmoniously to create an elegant-yet-simple finishing touch on the Christmas tree.

7. Classic Ornament Garland Banister

Let your ornaments shine by draping your staircase with a garland dotted with baubles. On DIY Beautify, Cindy Long layered garlands made of evergreen, eucalyptus, and ornaments down the banister for a classically Christmas aesthetic.

8. Snowflake-Covered Staircase

Bring a white Christmas inside with a “blizzard garland” cascading down your stairs, as seen on The Kewndy Home. Wendy Lau’s DIY oversized paper bag snowflakes immediately add design impact and are fun to make, too!

9. Whimsical Ornament Banister

Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch put a playful twist on her staircase ornament garland. She used soft, plush ornaments in star and moon shapes within a lush, green strand of the classic holiday decoration.

10. Tinsel and Colorful Braided Yarn Mantel

Jennifer Perkins’ House Tour showcased a bright and funky take on a garland. The decoration’s classic mantel placement feels modern, thanks to red and hot-pink braided yarn and gold tinsel. 

11. Maximalist Winter Foliage Mantel

More is better for this mantel garland that brings the outdoors in. Melanie Lissack made a breathtakingly beautiful DIY wreath and garland set using foraged bracken, juniper berries, and roses. Pink and red velvet ribbons add a softness to the natural textures.

12. Crochet Garland Mantel

Achieve a minimalist, cozy style with a DIY hand-crocheted garland. The Merrythought’s Caitlin McGrath used a chunky, white yarn to contrast the pine needles, but you can make yours in any color to suit your holiday aesthetic.

13. Mantel with Oversized Bells

Lean into jingle bells with an array of oversized brass bells in your living room. Sandra Herzog made her bell collection the focal point of her garland, bookended by a velvet ribbon in a complementary tone.

14. Spelled out on a Console

Perkins decked out her abode with so many colorful decorations, and this simple “Merry + Bright” hanging that she draped from a console adds a colorful simplicity to the room.

15. Unexpected Textile Mantel

Incorporate unexpected fabrics into your holiday decor for a surprising twist. The Blush Home’s Megan McLeod was inspired to create this cozy felt DIY garland after seeing a similar offering for purchase in a store. It softens the wood mantel and costs way less than it would to buy.