This Was One of The First Things I Did After Moving Into My New Home

published Oct 3, 2022
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When moving into a new home, there’s always a laundry list of things to do — from unpacking and organizing your things to shopping for supplies and completing a deep clean. Also on that list? Actually doing the laundry. 

With all the movements to and from your previous residence, things are being tossed around and, well, getting dirty, so before you can settle in, they need to be cleaned. I definitely experienced this when I recently moved into my new place

Before the move, we wrapped our fragile items, such as vases and glassware, with towels and rags instead of bubble wrap before packing them in boxes. It made things easier for us (in packing and unpacking) and there were no added costs, which was another perk.

All these items needed a wash before they could be put away in their proper places. But, before I could proceed in washing them, there was something else I had to do first: give the washing machine a clean, too. 

For us, the washing machine and dryer are located in our garage and had been sitting uncleaned for almost two months, with only a simple cycle run-through without detergent during our home inspection and final walk-through process. With it sitting idle for that long — and who knows when it was last cleaned! — I knew it needed to be addressed first.

Cleaning the washing machine is simple enough. There’s an easy DIY method of cleaning it with vinegar and baking soda (separately, of course), or you could use a washing machine cleaner, like this Tide Washing Machine Cleaner that I ended up using. Once you’ve selected your preference, you can get to work.

First, I inspected inside and around the machine to ensure there was nothing there that needed to be taken out or addressed. I used a microfiber cloth to quickly wipe around the inside of the machine, which allowed me to see how dirty it was. (It wasn’t too bad, surprisingly.)

Since I have a top-loading washing machine, I simply tossed the pouch directly into the tub, as directed on the packaging. Then, it worked its magic on the hot water setting on a normal cycle.

It’s recommended that you clean your washing machine once a month to ensure that there are no odors or mold or mildew growth. When it was over, I had a clean machine with no odors, ready to handle my incoming loads of laundry.