Before and After: This Bedroom Closet Now Has One Unexpected Feature

updated May 3, 2019
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If you’re excited about getting a glimpse into strangers’ closets, you’re only going to get half the thrill you’re hoping for, because one of these closets has been converted into something a little unexpected.

Here’s how the homeowner describes that closets before their makeover:

The before photos were from the day we bought the house. It hadn’t even been repainted since it was built in 1961… The closet doors didn’t function well (one was completely broken and not even attached).

Here’s what they look like today. That’s right—one side for the closet, and one side for the dogs. It’s extremely cute that their dogs have basically their own room. Moving their bed into the closet totally opens up the rest of the bedroom for the humans. The shelving above still provides some storage for those same humans.

Christina Orleans of Little Victorian is responsible for the reimagining of this closet (and the rest of the bedroom):

The process took about five weeks. We were on an extreme budget, so we spent under $100 [on the whole room] by using furniture and things we already had (including mixing leftover paints). We spent that money on supplies to build the dog bed in the closet, the plant, and some accessories from Five Below and Goodwill. It was 100 percent DIY of course.

Very impressive! Mixing paints is a particularly bold move, and building a custom bed allowed them to make the most of the available space.

I just love this so much. One side is all business, the other all pleasure. The clothes side is orderly enough to function as part of the room’s decor, thanks to the limited palette of clothing and the smart and attractive storage solutions.

It sounds like Christina’s vision came to fruition, and that we might be thinking along the same lines:

It’s cozy! We gained a whole reading corner by building a dog bed into the second closet. The only things we’re planning on adding now is a second shelf above the dog bed.

Thank you, Christina Orleans and Little Victorian!