“Cluster Collaging” Is the TikTok-Approved Way to Turn Your Fridge Clutter into Art

published May 5, 2023
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From the time we were kids hanging up drawings and report cards, refrigerator surfaces have long doubled as important appliances and places to show off personal memories and accomplishments. However, throwing all of your magnets, holiday cards, and the like together can sometimes result in a cluttered, not so aesthetically pleasing refrigerator look.

To combat clutter and fridge boredom, a new TikTok trend known as “clutter collaging” has steadily picked up steam online. The trend was popularized in a March 23 TikTok shared by content creator Avery-Claire (@acnugs), who compiled a variety of stickers, photos, and art prints to create a chic, Pinterest-inspired refrigerator collage in her apartment.

“One more for the fridge cluster,” she captioned the video, which has received over 27,300 likes and 126,000 views.

Clustering is an art form,” Avery-Claire previously said in a video explaining the maximalist trend. “It’s the art of taking your things and putting them on display in little corners of your apartment.”

The TikToker’s clustering approach to decorating her fridge has struck a particular chord, inspiring other content creators to try out this form of collaging for themselves. Take, for instance, TikTok creator Camille’s (@camillelenore) approach to the trend, which she documented in a recent video.

To start off, Camille prepped her stainless steel refrigerator by wiping it down with vinegar and olive oil — but if you have stainless steel cleaner on hand, that will also do the trick!

Next, she searched her home for sentimental items fit for collaging, including a photo booth strip, a polaroid photo, vintage magnets, and photo clippings from favorite cookbooks. After briefly planning her collage layout on her kitchen table, Camille set to work securing her knickknacks to the top half of her fridge. 

However, she emphasizes the importance of not overthinking the process too much, because “at the end of the day, it’s just a fun little collage for your fridge.” 

For added polish, you can also take a note from TikToker Marissa Zingg and frame your clusters using thrift store frames.