(And I Work Out at Home Now) Therapy

These Gyms and Fitness Brands Are Offering Free Virtual Workout Classes to Do At HomeLife
From full-body workouts to yoga and meditation sessions, there's something for everyone.
Apr 10, 2020
9 Quick Exercises You Can Do from Literally Any ChairLife
It’s all too easy to squash the best intentions of working out at home once you decide to chill in your favorite chair. So here are some chair exercises you can do any time, from any chair—seated, standing, and even without equipment!
Jul 11, 2019
At-Home Workouts That Don’t Require One Piece of EquipmentLife
Don’t own any fitness equipment (or don’t have the room for it)? No problem. You can still get a great workout just by using your own bodyweight.
May 3, 2019
5 Ways to Work Out Your Abs… in Front of Your CouchLife
Planks are one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do to strengthen your abs.
May 3, 2019

(I Need a F*$@ing Change of Scenery) Therapy

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(Distancing Together) Therapy

Here’s How to Work From Home with Your Partner, Kids, Roommate, or ParentsLife
Regardless of the household dynamic, one thing is for certain: working from home together isn't always easy.
Here’s How To Exercise Your Dog Indoors, According To a Professional TrainerLife
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5 Fun Home Workouts You Can Do Together with a Partner or RoommateLife
Grab your roommate, romantic partner, or friend and try this living room partner workout. These workouts are fun, fresh and can be done in any size apartment. Some require equipment—like a dumbbell or kettlebell—but could be substituted with something else your already have lying around your apartment. Send this to your workout buddy and plan a workout sesh—stat. You’ll probably burn just as many calories laughing as you do moving through these exercises.